• Welcome to My Greek Study

    We are going to provide you with a quick tutorial on how to properly use the app for your organization.

  • After opening your app, MGS will begin to determine your location.

    Once it has pinpointed you as inside of an enabled study location, you will be allowed to hit the 'Start Studying' button. A timer will begin and you may then close the app.

  • Once you are ready to end your study session, open the app again and press the 'Stop Studying' button.

    The app has a backup method that will check if you leave a location while studying, but it does not guarantee the posting of hours.

  • After pressing 'Stop Studying', the app will attempt to post your hours. The app will provide feedback on if your hours succesfully posted or not.

    If hours do fail to post, due to Internet connection or other reasons, you will see a red exclamiation point that you can tap to retry posting of hours.

  • Your enabled study locations are shown in the 'Study Locations' tab. If your group uses timed study locations, certain locations may be unavaiable at different times of the day.

  • If you are having any issues with a location or the app, please contact support directly. We will be able to get everything working for you.