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My Greek Study is now GreekStudy! We will be transitioning all branding and materials to the new brand name as the year progresses.


GreekStudy is an application for mobile devices and the web to monitor your member's study hours!

It keeps track of how long they are actually in your designated study locations. You can set each member's minimum study hours, fines for missing hours, and at the end of each week, you and your members receive reports automatically.

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Monday - Saturday 9am-9pm CST

  • Automatic Reports No longer have to retrieve paper logs or manage an Excel sheet. GreekStudy does it all for you!
  • Improve GPA Prevents members from cheating the system. Improve your organization and members' GPA
  • Unlimited Study Locations Your members can study at as many study locations as you would like
  • Unlimited Members Each organization may have as many user members as necessary. No limits!
  • Members' Hours Set each member's hours individually. These can be changed at any time for penalty or bonus
  • Time Controlled Study Locations Set the times you would like the study location to be enabled
  • Council Control Greek councils that sign up for GreekStudy can view and access all of the chapters study information
  • Member Specific Locations Want only a certain member or group of members to study at a location? GreekStudy allows you to assign locations to members of your choosing
  • Early College Study Programs GreekStudy is great for early college programs! Track and prepare students for their upcoming college career

How does it work?

GreekStudy uses GPS technology in order to track members location. Once the member enters the building, the app recognizes they are inside and allows them to start the timer for studying. Your organization may have as many study locations, both on and off campus, as needed.

Administrators receive an automatic report every week detailing who made study hours and who did not. This report can easily be forwarded to your treasurer for fining. Users also receive a weekly automated email displaying their hours, if they met the required hours, and what their fine is if they did not. Chapter advsiors can also be added! They receive weekly reports and can view how their chapter is doing on the website.

Don't worry about security or privacy when it comes to GreekStudy. The application does not save location data in any way. It only checks to see if a user's phone is in the radius of a study location and then discards the information.

How much does it cost?

Single Organization

$200 / year

Multiple Organizations

Discounts are given for councils. Inquire for pricing

Reviews from customers

  • Catherine ForemanDelta Phi Epsilon, Georgia Southern University GreekStudy has proven to be a wonderful tool in my sorority. It holds my sisters accountable and motivates them with their study hours. The thing my chapter enjoys most is being able to physically see how much you study and watching their hours add up! The team at GreekStudy is also fantastic when it comes to handling any issues that we might have. They are extremely timely in answering your support requests! I think the quickest I've had someone get back to me was 20 minutes! I recommend this to anyone who is looking for an easy way to mainstream their process of logging study hours. You won't be disappointed.
  • Amanda IvyAlpha Chi Omega, University of Alabama "GreekStudy has made study hall so much more efficient for our chapter. It allows girls to study in more locations than they were able to before, and its easier for me to keep up with hours electronically. GreekStudy is an awesome app that I would recommend to any greek organization!"
  • Katie DuranceauUniversity of Central Florida "As the newest Greek organization on campus and one without a house, it is hard to be able to hold and record study hours for the 160+ girls in our organization. GreekStudy allows us to be able to let the girls not only study on their own time, but also make sure their time is getting accurately recorded. GreekStudy has been extremely beneficial in helping to improve and maintain our organization’s scholastics as a whole."
  • Noah MuszallArmstrong State University "As scholarship chair for the Georgia Rho Colony of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, I am responsible for keeping up with everyone's study habits and school work. GreekStudy has cut down on brothers missing study hours due to the fine that is handed out if the brothers do not complete their mandatory hours each week. Not only does this website make my job easier, it helps improve the grades of all of the brothers of Georgia Rho."

Organizations who have used Greek Study

Organization School
AcabellasPurdue University
Acacia FraternityIndiana University
Acacia FraternityIndiana University of Pennsylvania
Acacia FraternityJames Madison University
Acacia FraternityOhio University
Acacia FraternityPurdue University
Acacia FraternityThe Ohio State University
Acacia FraternityUniversity of Central Oklahoma
Acacia FraternityUniversity of Colorado
Acacia FraternityUniversity of Iowa
Acacia FraternityUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
Academic Success GroupNorthern Arizona University
Academic Success ProgramWestern Carolina University
Alpha Beta ChiAlfred State College
Alpha ChiCalifornia State University Chico
Alpha Chi OmegaAuburn University
Alpha Chi OmegaBaylor University
Alpha Chi OmegaBirmingham Southern College
Alpha Chi OmegaBoise State University
Alpha Chi OmegaBradley University
Alpha Chi OmegaCalifornia State University Fullerton
Alpha Chi OmegaCentral Michigan University
Alpha Chi OmegaClemson University
Alpha Chi OmegaFlorida Gulf Coast University
Alpha Chi OmegaGeorgia Tech
Alpha Chi OmegaHigh Point University
Alpha Chi OmegaIndiana University
Alpha Chi OmegaIowa State University
Alpha Chi OmegaKansas State University
Alpha Chi OmegaLouisiana Tech University
Alpha Chi OmegaLoyola University New Orleans
Alpha Chi OmegaMarshall University
Alpha Chi OmegaMinnesota State University
Alpha Chi OmegaMississippi State University
Alpha Chi OmegaMissouri State University
Alpha Chi OmegaOklahoma State University
Alpha Chi OmegaOregon State University
Alpha Chi OmegaPenn State University
Alpha Chi OmegaRipon College
Alpha Chi OmegaSan Diego State University
Alpha Chi OmegaSoutheast Missouri State University
Alpha Chi OmegaSyracuse University
Alpha Chi OmegaTexas Christian University
Alpha Chi OmegaTexas Tech University
Alpha Chi OmegaThe Ohio State University
Alpha Chi OmegaUniversity of Alabama
Alpha Chi OmegaUniversity of Arizona
Alpha Chi OmegaUniversity of Arkansas
Alpha Chi OmegaUniversity of California Irvine
Alpha Chi OmegaUniversity of California Riverside
Alpha Chi OmegaUniversity of Colorado
Alpha Chi OmegaUniversity of Connecticut
Alpha Chi OmegaUniversity of Georgia
Alpha Chi OmegaUniversity of Houston
Alpha Chi OmegaUniversity of Illinois at UC
Alpha Chi OmegaUniversity of Iowa
Alpha Chi OmegaUniversity of Kansas
Alpha Chi OmegaUniversity of Kentucky
Alpha Chi OmegaUniversity of Mississippi
Alpha Chi OmegaUniversity of Missouri
Alpha Chi OmegaUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
Alpha Chi OmegaUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte
Alpha Chi OmegaUniversity of North Carolina Greensboro
Alpha Chi OmegaUniversity of North Florida
Alpha Chi OmegaUniversity of Oklahoma
Alpha Chi OmegaUniversity of Southern California
Alpha Chi OmegaUniversity of Southern Mississippi
Alpha Chi OmegaUniversity of Tennessee
Alpha Chi OmegaUniversity of Texas
Alpha Chi OmegaUniversity of Washington
Alpha Chi OmegaUniversity of West Florida
Alpha Chi OmegaWestern Carolina University
Alpha Chi RhoCoastal Carolina University
Alpha Chi RhoMontclair State University
Alpha Chi RhoPurdue University
Alpha DeltaDuquesne University
Alpha Delta ChiGeorgia Southern University
Alpha Delta ChiUniversity of Alabama
Alpha Delta PhiUniversity of Alabama
Alpha Delta PhiUniversity of Connecticut
Alpha Delta PiAuburn University
Alpha Delta PiBrenau University
Alpha Delta PiCampbell University
Alpha Delta PiClemson University
Alpha Delta PiCoastal Carolina University
Alpha Delta PiEast Tennessee State University
Alpha Delta PiFlorida Atlantic University
Alpha Delta PiFlorida State University
Alpha Delta PiFrancis Marion University
Alpha Delta PiFurman University
Alpha Delta PiGeorgia Southern University
Alpha Delta PiJacksonville University
Alpha Delta PiJames Madison University
Alpha Delta PiLouisiana State University
Alpha Delta PiMcNeese State University
Alpha Delta PiMiddle Tennessee State University
Alpha Delta PiMississippi State University
Alpha Delta PiMissouri State University
Alpha Delta PiOakland University
Alpha Delta PiOhio University
Alpha Delta PiOklahoma State University
Alpha Delta PiPenn State University
Alpha Delta PiSam Houston State University
Alpha Delta PiSonoma State University
Alpha Delta PiTexas A&M University
Alpha Delta PiTexas Christian University
Alpha Delta PiTexas State University
Alpha Delta PiTexas Tech University
Alpha Delta PiTroy University
Alpha Delta PiUniversity of Akron
Alpha Delta PiUniversity of Alabama
Alpha Delta PiUniversity of Arizona
Alpha Delta PiUniversity of Arkansas
Alpha Delta PiUniversity of California Los Angeles
Alpha Delta PiUniversity of Central Florida
Alpha Delta PiUniversity of Florida
Alpha Delta PiUniversity of Kansas
Alpha Delta PiUniversity of Mississippi
Alpha Delta PiUniversity of Missouri
Alpha Delta PiUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
Alpha Delta PiUniversity of North Alabama
Alpha Delta PiUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte
Alpha Delta PiUniversity of North Carolina Greensboro
Alpha Delta PiUniversity of North Carolina Wilmington
Alpha Delta PiUniversity of North Florida
Alpha Delta PiUniversity of North Texas
Alpha Delta PiUniversity of South Carolina
Alpha Delta PiUniversity of South Florida
Alpha Delta PiUniversity of Southern Mississippi
Alpha Delta PiUniversity of Tennessee
Alpha Delta PiUniversity of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Alpha Delta PiUniversity of Texas
Alpha Delta PiUniversity of Texas San Antonio
Alpha Delta PiUniversity of West Florida
Alpha Epsilon PhiHofstra University
Alpha Epsilon PhiIndiana University
Alpha Epsilon PhiJacksonville University
Alpha Epsilon PhiRowan University
Alpha Epsilon PhiTemple University
Alpha Epsilon PhiUniversity of Arizona
Alpha Epsilon PhiUniversity of Illinois at UC
Alpha Epsilon PhiUniversity of Iowa
Alpha Epsilon PiFlorida Atlantic University
Alpha Epsilon PiIndiana University
Alpha Epsilon PiSan Diego State University
Alpha Epsilon PiUniversity of Alabama
Alpha Epsilon PiUniversity of Colorado
Alpha Epsilon PiUniversity of Connecticut
Alpha Epsilon PiUniversity of Delaware
Alpha Epsilon PiUniversity of Iowa
Alpha Epsilon PiUniversity of Kansas
Alpha Epsilon PiUniversity of Missouri
Alpha Epsilon PiUniversity of North Texas
Alpha Epsilon PiUniversity of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Alpha Gamma DeltaAppalachian State University
Alpha Gamma DeltaArizona State University
Alpha Gamma DeltaArkansas State University
Alpha Gamma DeltaCalifornia State University Chico
Alpha Gamma DeltaEastern Michigan University
Alpha Gamma DeltaFlorida State University
Alpha Gamma DeltaGeorgia College and State University
Alpha Gamma DeltaHigh Point University
Alpha Gamma DeltaIllinois Wesleyan University
Alpha Gamma DeltaIndiana University
Alpha Gamma DeltaIowa State University
Alpha Gamma DeltaMontana State University
Alpha Gamma DeltaOhio University
Alpha Gamma DeltaPittsburg State University
Alpha Gamma DeltaRutgers University
Alpha Gamma DeltaSan Diego State University
Alpha Gamma DeltaSonoma State University
Alpha Gamma DeltaSouthern Illinois University
Alpha Gamma DeltaTarleton State University
Alpha Gamma DeltaTexas A&M University Corpus Christi
Alpha Gamma DeltaTexas State University
Alpha Gamma DeltaTexas Womans University
Alpha Gamma DeltaTroy University
Alpha Gamma DeltaUniversity of Alabama
Alpha Gamma DeltaUniversity of Central Missouri
Alpha Gamma DeltaUniversity of Georgia
Alpha Gamma DeltaUniversity of Illinois at UC
Alpha Gamma DeltaUniversity of Kansas
Alpha Gamma DeltaUniversity of Kentucky
Alpha Gamma DeltaUniversity of North Alabama
Alpha Gamma DeltaUniversity of Oklahoma
Alpha Gamma DeltaUniversity of South Alabama
Alpha Gamma DeltaUniversity of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Alpha Gamma DeltaUniversity of Washington
Alpha Gamma DeltaUniversity of West Florida
Alpha Gamma DeltaUniversity of West Georgia
Alpha Gamma NuUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
Alpha Gamma RhoAbraham Baldwin Agricultural College
Alpha Gamma RhoArkansas State University
Alpha Gamma RhoAuburn University
Alpha Gamma RhoCalifornia State University Chico
Alpha Gamma RhoClemson University
Alpha Gamma RhoColorado State University
Alpha Gamma RhoLouisiana State University
Alpha Gamma RhoLouisiana Tech University
Alpha Gamma RhoMississippi State University
Alpha Gamma RhoMurray State University
Alpha Gamma RhoNew Mexico State University
Alpha Gamma RhoNorthwest Missouri State University
Alpha Gamma RhoOklahoma State University
Alpha Gamma RhoPurdue University
Alpha Gamma RhoSouthern Illinois University
Alpha Gamma RhoStephen F Austin University
Alpha Gamma RhoTarleton State University
Alpha Gamma RhoTexas A&M University
Alpha Gamma RhoUniversity of Arizona
Alpha Gamma RhoUniversity of Arkansas
Alpha Gamma RhoUniversity of Florida
Alpha Gamma RhoUniversity of Idaho
Alpha Gamma RhoUniversity of Kentucky
Alpha Gamma RhoUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
Alpha Gamma RhoUniversity of Tennessee
Alpha Gamma RhoUniversity of Wyoming
Alpha Gamma RhoWashington State University
Alpha Gamma RhoWestern Illinois University
Alpha Gamma SigmaTennessee Tech University
Alpha Gamma SigmaUniversity of Missouri
Alpha Gamma SigmaUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
Alpha Kappa AlphaMillikin University
Alpha Kappa AlphaMississippi State University
Alpha Kappa AlphaUniversity of Alabama
Alpha Kappa AlphaUniversity of Kentucky
Alpha Kappa Delta PhiBaylor University
alpha Kappa Delta PhiCalifornia Polytechnic State
Alpha Kappa Delta PhiCalifornia State University San Marcos
Alpha Kappa LambdaArizona State University
Alpha Kappa LambdaBoise State University
Alpha Kappa LambdaIndiana University
Alpha Kappa LambdaKansas State University
Alpha Kappa LambdaMansfield University of Pennsylvania
Alpha Kappa LambdaNorthern Illinois University
Alpha Kappa LambdaNorthwest Missouri State University
Alpha Kappa LambdaOld Dominion University
Alpha Kappa LambdaTemple University
Alpha Kappa LambdaUniversity of Alabama
Alpha Kappa LambdaUniversity of Central Missouri
Alpha Kappa LambdaUniversity of Colorado
Alpha Kappa LambdaUniversity of Idaho
Alpha Kappa LambdaUniversity of Kansas
Alpha Kappa LambdaUniversity of Missouri
Alpha Kappa LambdaUniversity of Texas El Paso
Alpha Kappa OmicronSan Jose State University
Alpha Kappa PsiMonmouth University
Alpha Nu MulticulturalWashington State University
Alpha of CloviaKansas State University
Alpha Omega EpsilonTexas Tech University
Alpha Omega EpsilonUniversity of Missouri
Alpha Omicron PiAppalachian State University
Alpha Omicron PiArkansas State University
Alpha Omicron PiAuburn University
Alpha Omicron PiBoise State University
Alpha Omicron PiCalifornia State University Chico
Alpha Omicron PiCalifornia State University Northridge
Alpha Omicron PiEast Carolina University
Alpha Omicron PiEastern Kentucky University
Alpha Omicron PiFlorida Southern College
Alpha Omicron PiFlorida State University
Alpha Omicron PiGeorge Mason University
Alpha Omicron PiGeorgia College and State University
Alpha Omicron PiGeorgia Southern University
Alpha Omicron PiGeorgia State University
Alpha Omicron PiGrand Valley State
Alpha Omicron PiIndiana State University
Alpha Omicron PiKennesaw State University
Alpha Omicron PiMichigan State University
Alpha Omicron PiMiddle Tennessee State University
Alpha Omicron PiMissouri State University
Alpha Omicron PiMonmouth University
Alpha Omicron PiNortheastern State University
Alpha Omicron PiNorthern Arizona University
Alpha Omicron PiNorthern Kentucky University
Alpha Omicron PiOhio University
Alpha Omicron PiOklahoma State University
Alpha Omicron PiPurdue University
Alpha Omicron PiRamapo College of New Jersey
Alpha Omicron PiSam Houston State University
Alpha Omicron PiSamford University
Alpha Omicron PiSan Jose State University
Alpha Omicron PiSonoma State University
Alpha Omicron PiSoutheastern Louisiana University
Alpha Omicron PiTarleton State University
Alpha Omicron PiTexas A&M University
Alpha Omicron PiTexas Christian University
Alpha Omicron PiTexas Womans University
Alpha Omicron PiThe Ohio State University
Alpha Omicron PiTroy University
Alpha Omicron PiUniversity of Alabama
Alpha Omicron PiUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham
Alpha Omicron PiUniversity of Alabama Huntsville
Alpha Omicron PiUniversity of Arkansas
Alpha Omicron PiUniversity of Arkansas Fort Smith
Alpha Omicron PiUniversity of California San Diego
Alpha Omicron PiUniversity of Central Missouri
Alpha Omicron PiUniversity of Connecticut
Alpha Omicron PiUniversity of Florida
Alpha Omicron PiUniversity of Kentucky
Alpha Omicron PiUniversity of Louisiana at Lafayette
Alpha Omicron PiUniversity of Louisville
Alpha Omicron PiUniversity of Mississippi
Alpha Omicron PiUniversity of Nebraska at Kearney
Alpha Omicron PiUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
Alpha Omicron PiUniversity of Northern Colorado
Alpha Omicron PiUniversity of Oklahoma
Alpha Omicron PiUniversity of South Alabama
Alpha Omicron PiUniversity of Tennessee
Alpha Omicron PiUniversity of Tennessee Martin
Alpha Omicron PiUniversity of Texas San Antonio
Alpha Omicron PiUniversity of Washington
Alpha Omicron PiUniversity of Wisconsin River Falls
Alpha Omicron PiUSC Aiken
Alpha Omicron PiVanderbilt University
Alpha Omicron PiWestern Kentucky University
Alpha Omicron PiWright State University
Alpha Omicron PiYoungstown State University
Alpha PhiAppalachian State University
Alpha PhiArizona State University
Alpha PhiAshland University
Alpha PhiBarry University
Alpha PhiBaylor University
Alpha PhiBowling Green State University
Alpha PhiCalifornia State University Chico
Alpha PhiCalifornia State University Northridge
Alpha PhiCalifornia State University Sacramento
Alpha PhiClemson University
Alpha PhiDrake University
Alpha PhiDuquesne University
Alpha PhiEastern Illinois University
Alpha PhiEastern Washington University
Alpha PhiFlorida State University
Alpha PhiIowa State University
Alpha PhiJames Madison University
Alpha PhiKent State University
Alpha PhiLouisiana State University
Alpha PhiLoyola Marymount University
Alpha PhiMarquette University
Alpha PhiNorthern Illinois University
Alpha PhiNorthwestern University
Alpha PhiOregon State University
Alpha PhiPepperdine University
Alpha PhiPurdue University
Alpha PhiSan Diego State University
Alpha PhiSeton Hall University
Alpha PhiSonoma State University
Alpha PhiSouthern Utah University
Alpha PhiSt Mary University
Alpha PhiUniversity of Akron
Alpha PhiUniversity of Alabama
Alpha PhiUniversity of Arizona
Alpha PhiUniversity of California Davis
Alpha PhiUniversity of Central Missouri
Alpha PhiUniversity of Connecticut
Alpha PhiUniversity of Illinois at UC
Alpha PhiUniversity of Iowa
Alpha PhiUniversity of Maine
Alpha PhiUniversity of Mississippi
Alpha PhiUniversity of Missouri
Alpha PhiUniversity of Montana
Alpha PhiUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
Alpha PhiUniversity of New Hampshire
Alpha PhiUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Alpha PhiUniversity of North Carolina Wilmington
Alpha PhiUniversity of North Florida
Alpha PhiUniversity of Oregon
Alpha PhiUniversity of South Dakota
Alpha PhiUniversity of Texas
Alpha PhiUniversity of the Pacific
Alpha PhiUniversity of Utah
Alpha PhiUniversity of Washington
Alpha PhiUniversity of Wisconsin Stout
Alpha PhiUniveversity of Northern Colorado
Alpha PhiWashington State University
Alpha PhiWest Chester University of Pennsylvania
Alpha PhiWest Virginia University
Alpha PhiWestern Michigan University
Alpha PhiWestern University
Alpha Phi AlphaAuburn University
Alpha Phi AlphaMississippi State University
Alpha Phi AlphaPhilander Smith College
Alpha Phi AlphaUniversity of Alabama
Alpha Phi DeltaLouisiana State University
Alpha Phi DeltaStockton University
Alpha Phi GammaColorado State University
Alpha Phi OmegaGeorgia Southern University
Alpha Pi PhiBrandeis University
Alpha PsiSonoma State University
Alpha Psi LambdaEastern Illinois University
Alpha Psi LambdaUniversity of Illinois at UC
Alpha SigmaUniversity of Wisconsin Whitewater
Alpha Sigma AlphaCentral Michigan University
Alpha Sigma AlphaEastern Illinois University
Alpha Sigma AlphaHenderson State University
Alpha Sigma AlphaIndiana University
Alpha Sigma AlphaIndiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne
Alpha Sigma AlphaIndiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
Alpha Sigma AlphaJames Madison University
Alpha Sigma AlphaLoras College
Alpha Sigma AlphaMansfield University of Pennsylvania
Alpha Sigma AlphaMinnesota State University
Alpha Sigma AlphaMissouri Southern State University
Alpha Sigma AlphaMissouri Valley College
Alpha Sigma AlphaMissouri Western State University
Alpha Sigma AlphaNorthern Illinois University
Alpha Sigma AlphaPittsburg State University
Alpha Sigma AlphaRamapo College
Alpha Sigma AlphaTruman State University
Alpha Sigma AlphaUniversity of Arkansas at Monticello
Alpha Sigma AlphaUniversity of Central Missouri
Alpha Sigma AlphaUniversity of Delaware
Alpha Sigma AlphaUniversity of Missouri Kansas City
Alpha Sigma AlphaUniversity of Southern Indiana
Alpha Sigma AlphaUniversity of Texas San Antonio
Alpha Sigma AlphaUniversity of West Alabama
Alpha Sigma AlphaWestern Illinois University
Alpha Sigma KappaUniversity of Central Florida
Alpha Sigma PhiAuburn University
Alpha Sigma PhiBloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Alpha Sigma PhiCalifornia State University Fresno
Alpha Sigma PhiCentral Michigan University
Alpha Sigma PhiClemson University
Alpha Sigma PhiCoastal Carolina University
Alpha Sigma PhiGeorgia Southern University
Alpha Sigma PhiGrand Valley State
Alpha Sigma PhiIndiana University
Alpha Sigma PhiJames Madison University
Alpha Sigma PhiKansas State University
Alpha Sigma PhiKeene State College
Alpha Sigma PhiLawrence Technological University
Alpha Sigma PhiLock Haven University
Alpha Sigma PhiMarshall University
Alpha Sigma PhiMissouri State University
Alpha Sigma PhiMorehead State University
Alpha Sigma PhiNorthern Kentucky University
Alpha Sigma PhiOklahoma State University
Alpha Sigma PhiQuinnipiac University
Alpha Sigma PhiSalem State University
Alpha Sigma PhiSonoma State University
Alpha Sigma PhiSouthern Illinois University
Alpha Sigma PhiTexas A&M University
Alpha Sigma PhiTexas State University
Alpha Sigma PhiUniversity of Akron
Alpha Sigma PhiUniversity of Alabama
Alpha Sigma PhiUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham
Alpha Sigma PhiUniversity of Colorado
Alpha Sigma PhiUniversity of Colorado Colorado Springs
Alpha Sigma PhiUniversity of Connecticut
Alpha Sigma PhiUniversity of Delaware
Alpha Sigma PhiUniversity of Georgia
Alpha Sigma PhiUniversity of Iowa
Alpha Sigma PhiUniversity of Kansas
Alpha Sigma PhiUniversity of Maine
Alpha Sigma PhiUniversity of Nevada Las Vegas
Alpha Sigma PhiUniversity of Nevada Reno
Alpha Sigma PhiUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte
Alpha Sigma PhiUniversity of North Carolina at Pembroke
Alpha Sigma PhiUniversity of North Dakota
Alpha Sigma PhiUniversity of Oklahoma
Alpha Sigma PhiUniversity of Oregon
Alpha Sigma PhiUniversity of Texas San Antonio
Alpha Sigma PhiUniversity of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Alpha Sigma PhiWashington State University
Alpha Sigma PhiWayne State University
Alpha Sigma PhiWestern Illinois University
Alpha Sigma RhoUniversity of South Carolina
Alpha Sigma TauArkansas Tech University
Alpha Sigma TauBelmont University
Alpha Sigma TauCentral Michigan University
Alpha Sigma TauIndiana University of Pennsylvania
Alpha Sigma TauJames Madison University
Alpha Sigma TauOglethorpe University
Alpha Sigma TauShepherd University
Alpha Sigma TauSlippery Rock University
Alpha Sigma TauSoutheastern Louisiana University
Alpha Sigma TauUniversity at Buffalo
Alpha Sigma TauUniversity of Southern Indiana
Alpha Tau OmegaAdrian College
Alpha Tau OmegaArkansas State University
Alpha Tau OmegaArkansas Tech University
Alpha Tau OmegaAuburn University
Alpha Tau OmegaBall State University
Alpha Tau OmegaBoise State University
Alpha Tau OmegaBowling Green State University
Alpha Tau OmegaCollege of Charleston
Alpha Tau OmegaColorado State University
Alpha Tau OmegaDePauw University
Alpha Tau OmegaFlorida Atlantic University
Alpha Tau OmegaGeorgia College and State University
Alpha Tau OmegaGeorgia Southern University
Alpha Tau OmegaKansas State University
Alpha Tau OmegaKennesaw State University
Alpha Tau OmegaLouisiana State University
Alpha Tau OmegaMiddle Tennessee State University
Alpha Tau OmegaMississippi State University
Alpha Tau OmegaNorthern Kentucky University
Alpha Tau OmegaOklahoma State University
Alpha Tau OmegaOregon State University
Alpha Tau OmegaSam Houston State University
Alpha Tau OmegaSamford University
Alpha Tau OmegaStephen F Austin University
Alpha Tau OmegaTexas A&M University
Alpha Tau OmegaTexas State University
Alpha Tau OmegaTexas Tech University
Alpha Tau OmegaThe Ohio State University
Alpha Tau OmegaTroy University
Alpha Tau OmegaUniversity of Alabama Huntsville
Alpha Tau OmegaUniversity of Central Oklahoma
Alpha Tau OmegaUniversity of Colorado
Alpha Tau OmegaUniversity of Kansas
Alpha Tau OmegaUniversity of Louisville
Alpha Tau OmegaUniversity of Maine
Alpha Tau OmegaUniversity of Missouri
Alpha Tau OmegaUniversity of North Alabama
Alpha Tau OmegaUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte
Alpha Tau OmegaUniversity of North Florida
Alpha Tau OmegaUniversity of North Texas
Alpha Tau OmegaUniversity of Pittsburgh
Alpha Tau OmegaUniversity of Southern Mississippi
Alpha Tau OmegaUniversity of Tennessee
Alpha Tau OmegaUniversity of Texas San Antonio
Alpha Tau OmegaUniversity of West Florida
Alpha Tau OmegaWest Texas A&M University
Alpha Tau OmegaWestern Kentucky University
Alpha Xi DeltaAuburn University
Alpha Xi DeltaEastern Washington University
Alpha Xi DeltaFlorida Atlantic University
Alpha Xi DeltaKent State University
Alpha Xi DeltaMonmouth University
Alpha Xi DeltaOhio University
Alpha Xi DeltaOklahoma State University
Alpha Xi DeltaSlippery Rock University
Alpha Xi DeltaSoutheast Missouri State University
Alpha Xi DeltaTexas State University
Alpha Xi DeltaTexas Tech University
Alpha Xi DeltaThe Ohio State University
Alpha Xi DeltaUniversity of Central Oklahoma
Alpha Xi DeltaUniversity of Illinois at UC
Alpha Xi DeltaUniversity of Iowa
Alpha Xi DeltaUniversity of Mount Union
Alpha Xi DeltaUniversity of Nebraska Omaha
Alpha Xi DeltaUniversity of Toledo
Alpha Xi DeltaUniversity of West Georgia
Alpha Xi DeltaWestern Kentucky University
Alpha Xi DeltaWingate University
Army ROTCBall State University
Army ROTCUniversity of Mississippi
AROTCThe Ohio State University
AU NPHCAuburn University
AU SoccerAnderson University
Beta Gamma NuCalifornia State University Northridge
Beta Gamma NuColorado State University
Beta Gamma NuSan Diego State University
Beta Psi OmegaUniversity of Illinois at UC
Beta Sigma PsiIndiana University
Beta Sigma PsiKansas State University
Beta Sigma PsiPurdue University
Beta Sigma PsiUniversity of Missouri
Beta Sigma PsiUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
Beta Theta PiAppalachian State University
Beta Theta PiAuburn University
Beta Theta PiBoise State University
Beta Theta PiCentral Michigan University
Beta Theta PiFlorida State University
Beta Theta PiHigh Point University
Beta Theta PiIndiana University
Beta Theta PiIowa State University
Beta Theta PiKansas State University
Beta Theta PiKennesaw State University
Beta Theta PiLouisiana State University
Beta Theta PiMichigan State University
Beta Theta PiPurdue University
Beta Theta PiQuinnipiac University
Beta Theta PiTexas Tech University
Beta Theta PiThe Ohio State University
Beta Theta PiUniversity of Arkansas
Beta Theta PiUniversity of Connecticut
Beta Theta PiUniversity of Iowa
Beta Theta PiUniversity of Louisville
Beta Theta PiUniversity of Maine
Beta Theta PiUniversity of Mississippi
Beta Theta PiUniversity of South Florida
Beta Theta PiUniversity of Tennessee
Beta Theta PiUniversity of Texas
Beta Theta PiUniversity of Washington
Beta Theta PiUniversity of Wisconsin Madison
Beta Theta PiWashington State University
Beta Upsilon ChiAuburn University
Beta Upsilon ChiKennesaw State University
Beta Upsilon ChiMississippi State University
Beta Upsilon ChiOklahoma State University
Beta Upsilon ChiTexas A&M University
Beta Upsilon ChiTexas State University
Beta Upsilon ChiTexas Tech University
Beta Upsilon ChiUniversity of Arkansas
Beta Upsilon ChiUniversity of Central Oklahoma
Beta Upsilon ChiUniversity of Kentucky
Beta Upsilon ChiUniversity of Missouri
Beta Upsilon ChiUniversity of Oklahoma
Brenau UniversityBrenau University
Carroll FSLCarroll University
CEHD Study HoursTexas A&M University
Chi OmegaAppalachian State University
Chi OmegaArizona State University
Chi OmegaArkansas State University
Chi OmegaBowling Green State University
Chi OmegaClemson University
Chi OmegaCollege of Charleston
Chi OmegaCollege of William and Mary
Chi OmegaColorado State University
Chi OmegaCulver Stockton College
Chi OmegaEastern Kentucky University
Chi OmegaGeorge Mason University
Chi OmegaGeorgia Southern University
Chi OmegaHanover College
Chi OmegaHuntingdon College
Chi OmegaIllinois State University
Chi OmegaKansas State University
Chi OmegaMiddle Tennessee State University
Chi OmegaMissouri University of Science and Technology
Chi OmegaMorehead State University
Chi OmegaNorthern Arizona University
Chi OmegaOhio University
Chi OmegaOregon State University
Chi OmegaPurdue University
Chi OmegaQuinnipiac University
Chi OmegaSouth Dakota State University
Chi OmegaSouthern Methodist University
Chi OmegaTexas A&M University Commerce
Chi OmegaTexas State University
Chi OmegaThe Ohio State University
Chi OmegaTroy University
Chi OmegaUniversity of Alabama
Chi OmegaUniversity of Arkansas
Chi OmegaUniversity of California Davis
Chi OmegaUniversity of Central Florida
Chi OmegaUniversity of Delaware
Chi OmegaUniversity of Houston
Chi OmegaUniversity of Kentucky
Chi OmegaUniversity of Missouri
Chi OmegaUniversity of Missouri Kansas City
Chi OmegaUniversity of Montevallo
Chi OmegaUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte
Chi OmegaUniversity of North Carolina Greensboro
Chi OmegaUniversity of North Texas
Chi OmegaUniversity of Oklahoma
Chi OmegaUniversity of South Alabama
Chi OmegaUniversity of South Florida
Chi OmegaUniversity of Tennessee
Chi OmegaUniversity of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Chi OmegaUniversity of Texas
Chi OmegaUniversity of Washington
Chi OmegaUniversity of West Georgia
Chi OmegaValdosta State University
Chi OmegaWashington State University
Chi OmegaWest Texas A&M University
Chi OmegaWestern Kentucky University
Chi OmegaWestern Michigan University
Chi PhiArizona State University
Chi PhiCentral Michigan University
Chi PhiClemson University
Chi PhiThe Ohio State University
Chi PhiUniversity of Alabama
Chi PhiUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte
Chi PhiUniversity of Tennessee
Chi PhiUniversity of Wisconsin La Crosse
Chi PsiNorth Carolina State University
Chi PsiPurdue University
Chi PsiTexas Tech University
Chi PsiUniversity of Illinois at UC
Chi PsiUniversity of Kentucky
Chi PsiUniversity of Mississippi
Chi Sigma OmegaUniversity of Illinois at Chicago
Clark College AthleticsClark College
Club LacrosseMarquette University
Club LaxRowan University
CMDEUniversity of Arkansas
College ConciergeUniversity of Arkansas
CoOp HousingPurdue University
Corp of Cadets L1 LonestarTexas A&M University
Crimson EdgeUniversity of Alabama
CUC AthleticsConcordia University Chicago
Delta ChiAppalachian State University
Delta ChiAuburn University
Delta ChiBowling Green State University
Delta ChiCalifornia State University Chico
Delta ChiCalifornia State University Fullerton
Delta ChiColorado State University
Delta ChiEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Delta ChiFlorida State University
Delta ChiGeorge Mason University
Delta ChiGeorgia Southern University
Delta ChiIllinois State University
Delta ChiIndiana University
Delta ChiIowa State University
Delta ChiKansas State University
Delta ChiKennesaw State University
Delta ChiLouisiana State University
Delta ChiLouisiana Tech University
Delta ChiMississippi State University
Delta ChiMontclair State University
Delta ChiNorthern Illinois University
Delta ChiOklahoma State University
Delta ChiOregon State University
Delta ChiPurdue University
Delta ChiTarleton State University
Delta ChiTemple University
Delta ChiTexas A&M University Kingsville
Delta ChiTexas Tech University
Delta ChiThe Ohio State University
Delta ChiTroy University
Delta ChiUC Riverside
Delta ChiUniversity of Alabama
Delta ChiUniversity of Arizona
Delta ChiUniversity of Central Missouri
Delta ChiUniversity of Central Oklahoma
Delta ChiUniversity of Florida
Delta ChiUniversity of Illinois at UC
Delta ChiUniversity of Iowa
Delta ChiUniversity of Missouri
Delta ChiUniversity of Nevada Las Vegas
Delta ChiUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte
Delta ChiUniversity of Northern Colorado
Delta ChiUniversity of South Carolina Beaufort
Delta ChiValdosta State University
Delta ChiWashington State University
Delta Delta DeltaBoise State University
Delta Delta DeltaCalifornia State University Long Beach
Delta Delta DeltaClemson University
Delta Delta DeltaCollege of Charleston
Delta Delta DeltaIndiana University
Delta Delta DeltaIowa State University
Delta Delta DeltaJames Madison University
Delta Delta DeltaKansas State University
Delta Delta DeltaLouisiana State University
Delta Delta DeltaLoyola Marymount University
Delta Delta DeltaMississippi State University
Delta Delta DeltaOklahoma State University
Delta Delta DeltaPurdue University
Delta Delta DeltaSamford University
Delta Delta DeltaStephen F Austin University
Delta Delta DeltaStetson University
Delta Delta DeltaSyracuse University
Delta Delta DeltaTexas A&M University
Delta Delta DeltaTexas Christian University
Delta Delta DeltaTexas Tech University
Delta Delta DeltaThe University of Tulsa
Delta Delta DeltaUniversity of Alabama
Delta Delta DeltaUniversity of Arizona
Delta Delta DeltaUniversity of Arkansas
Delta Delta DeltaUniversity of Georgia
Delta Delta DeltaUniversity of Illinois at UC
Delta Delta DeltaUniversity of Kentucky
Delta Delta DeltaUniversity of Mississippi
Delta Delta DeltaUniversity of Missouri
Delta Delta DeltaUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
Delta Delta DeltaUniversity of Oklahoma
Delta Delta DeltaUniversity of Tennessee
Delta Delta DeltaUniversity of Toledo
Delta Delta DeltaUniversity of Wisconsin Madison
Delta Delta DeltaWashington State University
Delta Delta DeltaWichita State University
Delta Epsilon MuUniversity of California Irvine
Delta GammaAuburn University
Delta GammaBowling Green State University
Delta GammaCalifornia State University Long Beach
Delta GammaCalifornia State University Sacramento
Delta GammaFlorida State University
Delta GammaGettysburg College
Delta GammaIndiana State University
Delta GammaIndiana University
Delta GammaIowa State University
Delta GammaJames Madison University
Delta GammaMichigan State University
Delta GammaMississippi State University
Delta GammaNorthern Kentucky University
Delta GammaOhio University
Delta GammaOregon State University
Delta GammaPenn State University
Delta GammaSalisbury University
Delta GammaSouthern Methodist University
Delta GammaTennessee Tech University
Delta GammaTexas Christian University
Delta GammaTexas State University
Delta GammaTexas Tech University
Delta GammaUniversity of Akron
Delta GammaUniversity of Alabama
Delta GammaUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham
Delta GammaUniversity of Arkansas
Delta GammaUniversity of Arkansas Fort Smith
Delta GammaUniversity of California Merced
Delta GammaUniversity of Connecticut
Delta GammaUniversity of Illinois at UC
Delta GammaUniversity of Iowa
Delta GammaUniversity of Kansas
Delta GammaUniversity of Kentucky
Delta GammaUniversity of Missouri
Delta GammaUniversity of North Florida
Delta GammaUniversity of North Texas
Delta GammaUniversity of Oklahoma
Delta GammaUniversity of Tennessee
Delta GammaVirginia Tech
Delta GammaWest Virginia University
Delta Kappa EpsilonIndiana University
Delta Kappa EpsilonTexas A&M University
Delta Kappa EpsilonTexas Tech University
Delta Kappa EpsilonTroy University
Delta Kappa EpsilonUniversity of Colorado
Delta Kappa EpsilonUniversity of Mississippi
Delta Kappa EpsilonUniversity of Missouri
Delta Kappa EpsilonUniversity of North Carolina Wilmington
Delta Lambda PhiUniversity of Arizona
Delta Phi EpsilonBridgewater State University
Delta Phi EpsilonCampbell University
Delta Phi EpsilonCarleton University
Delta Phi EpsilonCentral Michigan University
Delta Phi EpsilonGeorgia Southern University
Delta Phi EpsilonIndiana University of Pennsylvania
Delta Phi EpsilonJohnson & Wales University
Delta Phi EpsilonJohnson and Wales University Charlotte
Delta Phi EpsilonKennesaw State University
Delta Phi EpsilonKutztown University
Delta Phi EpsilonNorthern Arizona University
Delta Phi EpsilonPenn State University
Delta Phi EpsilonRochester Institute of Technology
Delta Phi EpsilonRutgers University Camden
Delta Phi EpsilonSaint Cloud State University
Delta Phi EpsilonSeton Hall University
Delta Phi EpsilonSouthern Illinois University
Delta Phi EpsilonSouthern Illinois University Edwardsville
Delta Phi EpsilonStockton University
Delta Phi EpsilonTarleton State University
Delta Phi EpsilonTemple University
Delta Phi EpsilonTennessee Tech University
Delta Phi EpsilonTowson University
Delta Phi EpsilonTruman State University
Delta Phi EpsilonUniversity of Florida
Delta Phi EpsilonUniversity of Georgia
Delta Phi EpsilonUniversity of Maine
Delta Phi EpsilonUniversity of Nebraska Omaha
Delta Phi EpsilonUniversity of North Georgia
Delta Phi EpsilonUniversity of Rhode Island
Delta Phi EpsilonUniversity of Toledo
Delta Phi OmegaUniversity of Connecticut
Delta Sigma PhiArizona State University
Delta Sigma PhiCalifornia State University San Bernardino
Delta Sigma PhiChapman University
Delta Sigma PhiDrexel University
Delta Sigma PhiEastern Michigan University
Delta Sigma PhiGrand Valley State
Delta Sigma PhiIndiana University
Delta Sigma PhiKansas State University
Delta Sigma PhiKennesaw State University
Delta Sigma PhiLa Salle University
Delta Sigma PhiMissouri State University
Delta Sigma PhiMissouri University of Science and Technology
Delta Sigma PhiOglethorpe University
Delta Sigma PhiSan Diego State University
Delta Sigma PhiTexas Tech University
Delta Sigma PhiUniversity of Alabama
Delta Sigma PhiUniversity of Arizona
Delta Sigma PhiUniversity of Colorado
Delta Sigma PhiUniversity of Illinois at UC
Delta Sigma PhiUniversity of Kentucky
Delta Sigma PhiUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Delta Sigma PhiUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte
Delta Sigma PhiUniversity of North Carolina Greensboro
Delta Sigma PhiUniversity of North Carolina Wilmington
Delta Sigma PhiUniversity of North Florida
Delta Sigma PhiUniversity of North Texas
Delta Sigma PhiUniversity of Tennessee
Delta Sigma PhiUniversity of Utah
Delta Sigma PiCalifornia State University Chico
Delta Sigma PiFlorida Atlantic University
Delta Sigma PiUniversity of Washington
Delta Sigma ThetaAuburn University
Delta Sigma ThetaBowling Green State University
Delta Sigma ThetaWestern Michigan University
Delta Tau DeltaAppalachian State University
Delta Tau DeltaArizona State University
Delta Tau DeltaAuburn University
Delta Tau DeltaBall State University
Delta Tau DeltaCalifornia Polytechnic State
Delta Tau DeltaEastern Illinois University
Delta Tau DeltaFlorida Atlantic University
Delta Tau DeltaGeorgia Southern University
Delta Tau DeltaIowa State University
Delta Tau DeltaJames Madison University
Delta Tau DeltaKennesaw State University
Delta Tau DeltaKent State University
Delta Tau DeltaMonmouth University
Delta Tau DeltaMoravian College
Delta Tau DeltaOhio University
Delta Tau DeltaOklahoma State University
Delta Tau DeltaSam Houston State University
Delta Tau DeltaSoutheastern Louisiana University
Delta Tau DeltaStephen F Austin University
Delta Tau DeltaTexas A&M University
Delta Tau DeltaTexas A&M University Commerce
Delta Tau DeltaTexas State University
Delta Tau DeltaTexas Tech University
Delta Tau DeltaUniversity of Alabama
Delta Tau DeltaUniversity of California Riverside
Delta Tau DeltaUniversity of Colorado
Delta Tau DeltaUniversity of Idaho
Delta Tau DeltaUniversity of Iowa
Delta Tau DeltaUniversity of Maine
Delta Tau DeltaUniversity of Mississippi
Delta Tau DeltaUniversity of Missouri
Delta Tau DeltaUniversity of Nebraska at Kearney
Delta Tau DeltaUniversity of North Carolina Wilmington
Delta Tau DeltaUniversity of Northern Colorado
Delta Tau DeltaUniversity of Oklahoma
Delta Tau DeltaUniversity of South Carolina
Delta Tau DeltaUniversity of Southern Mississippi
Delta Tau DeltaUniversity of Texas Dallas
Delta Tau DeltaUniversity of Washington
Delta Tau SigmaIndiana University of Pennsylvania
Delta UpsilonIndiana University
Delta UpsilonIowa State University
Delta UpsilonKansas State University
Delta UpsilonPurdue University
Delta UpsilonUniversity of Florida
Delta UpsilonUniversity of Houston
Delta UpsilonUniversity of Iowa
Delta UpsilonUniversity of Louisville
Delta UpsilonUniversity of Missouri
Delta UpsilonUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
Delta UpsilonUniversity of North Dakota
Delta UpsilonUniversity of North Florida
Delta UpsilonUniversity of South Carolina
Delta UpsilonUniversity of Tennessee
Delta UpsilonUniversity of Texas
Delta UpsilonWashington State University
Delta UpsilonWichita State University
Delta Xi DeltaMontclair State University
Delta ZetaAngelo State University
Delta ZetaAppalachian State University
Delta ZetaArizona State University
Delta ZetaArkansas State University
Delta ZetaArkansas Tech University
Delta ZetaAuburn University
Delta ZetaBryant University
Delta ZetaCalifornia State University Fresno
Delta ZetaCalifornia State University Fullerton
Delta ZetaCalifornia State University Los Angeles
Delta ZetaCentral Michigan University
Delta ZetaClarkson University
Delta ZetaClemson University
Delta ZetaConcord University
Delta ZetaEast Carolina University
Delta ZetaEastern Illinois University
Delta ZetaEastern Kentucky University
Delta ZetaEastern Michigan University
Delta ZetaFlorida State University
Delta ZetaGeorgia State University
Delta ZetaGrand Valley State
Delta ZetaIndiana University of Pennsylvania
Delta ZetaIndiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
Delta ZetaJohnson & Wales University
Delta ZetaKent State University
Delta ZetaKutztown University
Delta ZetaLenoir Rhyne University
Delta ZetaLouisiana State University
Delta ZetaMarshall University
Delta ZetaMissouri State University
Delta ZetaMorehead State University
Delta ZetaNebraska Wesleyan University
Delta ZetaNicholls State University
Delta ZetaNorthern Illinois University
Delta ZetaNorthern Kentucky University
Delta ZetaPurdue University
Delta ZetaRadford University
Delta ZetaSaint Cloud State University
Delta ZetaShepherd University
Delta ZetaShippensburg University
Delta ZetaSouthern Illinois University
Delta ZetaSt Mary University
Delta ZetaStockton University
Delta ZetaTemple University
Delta ZetaTexas State University
Delta ZetaThe Ohio State University
Delta ZetaTruman State University
Delta ZetaUniversity of Akron
Delta ZetaUniversity of Alabama
Delta ZetaUniversity of Central Arkansas
Delta ZetaUniversity of Central Missouri
Delta ZetaUniversity of Central Oklahoma
Delta ZetaUniversity of Connecticut
Delta ZetaUniversity of Denver
Delta ZetaUniversity of Georgia
Delta ZetaUniversity of Houston
Delta ZetaUniversity of Illinois at UC
Delta ZetaUniversity of Iowa
Delta ZetaUniversity of Kentucky
Delta ZetaUniversity of Maine
Delta ZetaUniversity of Missouri Kansas City
Delta ZetaUniversity of Missouri St Louis
Delta ZetaUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte
Delta ZetaUniversity of North Carolina Wilmington
Delta ZetaUniversity of Pittsburgh
Delta ZetaUniversity of Rhode Island
Delta ZetaUniversity of San Francisco
Delta ZetaUniversity of South Carolina
Delta ZetaUniversity of South Carolina Upstate
Delta ZetaUniversity of Southern Indiana
Delta ZetaUniversity of Tampa
Delta ZetaUniversity of Tennessee
Delta ZetaUniversity of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Delta ZetaUniversity of Texas Arlington
Delta ZetaUniversity of Washington
Delta ZetaUniversity of Wisconsin Eau Claire
Delta ZetaWayne State University
Delta ZetaWest Chester University
Delta ZetaWest Texas A&M University
Delta ZetaWestern Illinois University
Delta ZetaWestern Kentucky University
Dixie AlphaNorth Carolina State University
Draper UniversityDraper University
Emerging ScholarsClemson University
Epsilon EtaUniversity of Pittsburgh
Epsilon Nu TauCentral Michigan University
Epsilon Nu TauJames Madison University
Evan ScholarUniversity of Washington
FAMU/FSU NROTCFlorida State University
FarmHouseAuburn University
FarmHouseClemson University
FarmHouseColorado State University
FarmHouseTarleton State University
FarmHouseTexas Tech University
FarmHouseTroy University
FarmHouseUniversity of Idaho
FarmHouseUniversity of Kentucky
FarmHouseUniversity of Minnesota
FarmHouseUniversity of Missouri
FarmHouseUniversity of Tennessee
FarmHouseWestern Kentucky University
Fiji Rec HoursUniversity of Missouri
Florida PolyFlorida Polytechnic University
FSL at UNLUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
Gamma Phi BetaAlma College
Gamma Phi BetaAuburn University
Gamma Phi BetaBradley University
Gamma Phi BetaCalifornia State University Chico
Gamma Phi BetaCalifornia State University Fullerton
Gamma Phi BetaChapman University
Gamma Phi BetaChristopher Newport University
Gamma Phi BetaCoastal Carolina University
Gamma Phi BetaColorado State University
Gamma Phi BetaCreighton University
Gamma Phi BetaDuquesne University
Gamma Phi BetaFlorida State University
Gamma Phi BetaGeorge Mason University
Gamma Phi BetaGrand Valley State
Gamma Phi BetaIndiana State University
Gamma Phi BetaIowa State University
Gamma Phi BetaJames Madison University
Gamma Phi BetaKansas State University
Gamma Phi BetaMcGill University
Gamma Phi BetaMiami University
Gamma Phi BetaMichigan State University
Gamma Phi BetaMinnesota State University
Gamma Phi BetaMissouri State University
Gamma Phi BetaMorehead State University
Gamma Phi BetaOakland University
Gamma Phi BetaOhio University
Gamma Phi BetaOklahoma State University
Gamma Phi BetaPurdue University
Gamma Phi BetaQuinnipiac University
Gamma Phi BetaRockhurst University
Gamma Phi BetaRutgers University
Gamma Phi BetaSacramento State University
Gamma Phi BetaSaint Louis University
Gamma Phi BetaSonoma State University
Gamma Phi BetaSoutheast Missouri State University
Gamma Phi BetaSouthern Methodist University
Gamma Phi BetaSt Louis University
Gamma Phi BetaTexas A&M University
Gamma Phi BetaTexas A&M University Commerce
Gamma Phi BetaTexas A&M University Corpus Christi
Gamma Phi BetaTexas Christian University
Gamma Phi BetaTexas State University
Gamma Phi BetaThe Ohio State University
Gamma Phi BetaUC Riverside
Gamma Phi BetaUniversity of Alabama
Gamma Phi BetaUniversity of Arizona
Gamma Phi BetaUniversity of Arkansas Fort Smith
Gamma Phi BetaUniversity of California Santa Barbara
Gamma Phi BetaUniversity of Central Florida
Gamma Phi BetaUniversity of Cincinnati
Gamma Phi BetaUniversity of Colorado
Gamma Phi BetaUniversity of Connecticut
Gamma Phi BetaUniversity of Denver
Gamma Phi BetaUniversity of Detroit Mercy
Gamma Phi BetaUniversity of Florida
Gamma Phi BetaUniversity of Georgia
Gamma Phi BetaUniversity of Illinois at UC
Gamma Phi BetaUniversity of Iowa
Gamma Phi BetaUniversity of Kansas
Gamma Phi BetaUniversity of Maryland College Park
Gamma Phi BetaUniversity of Michigan Ann Arbor
Gamma Phi BetaUniversity of Minnesota
Gamma Phi BetaUniversity of Missouri
Gamma Phi BetaUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
Gamma Phi BetaUniversity of North Dakota
Gamma Phi BetaUniversity of Oklahoma
Gamma Phi BetaUniversity of Puget Sound
Gamma Phi BetaUniversity of South Carolina
Gamma Phi BetaUniversity of Southern Indiana
Gamma Phi BetaUniversity of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Gamma Phi BetaUniversity of Virginia
Gamma Phi BetaUniversity of Washington
Gamma Phi BetaUniversity of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Gamma Phi BetaValparaiso University
Gamma Phi BetaWichita State University
Gamma Phi BetaWittenberg University
Gamma Zeta AlphaCalifornia Polytechnic State
Gamma Zeta AlphaColorado State University
Gamma Zeta AlphaUniversity of California Los Angeles
Gemini CooperativePurdue University
GolfUniversity of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Government OrganizationUniversity Of Sindh
Greek LifeUniversity of West Alabama
GYM HOURSCalifornia State University Chico
HomecomingUniversity of Oklahoma
Homecoming FloatUniversity of Oklahoma
Honors in Business AssocationUniversity of Connecticut
HospitalKeystone College
IC ScholarsUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
IFCSaint Francis University
Interfraternity CouncilUniversity of North Carolina at Pembroke
Iota Phi XIUniversity of North Alabama
ISCSaint Francis University
IT DepartmentIndiana University of Pennsylvania
IWU FootballIndiana Wesleyan University
JHU LacrosseJohns Hopkins University
Kappa AlphaArizona State University
Kappa AlphaArkansas Tech University
Kappa AlphaAuburn University
Kappa AlphaBaylor University
Kappa AlphaClemson University
Kappa AlphaCoastal Carolina University
Kappa AlphaCollege of Charleston
Kappa AlphaEastern Kentucky University
Kappa AlphaElon University
Kappa AlphaFlorida Gulf Coast University
Kappa AlphaFrancis Marion University
Kappa AlphaGeorge Mason University
Kappa AlphaGeorgia College and State University
Kappa AlphaGeorgia Southern University
Kappa AlphaJames Madison University
Kappa AlphaKennesaw State University
Kappa AlphaLamar University
Kappa AlphaMercer University
Kappa AlphaMiddle Tennessee State University
Kappa AlphaMidwestern State University
Kappa AlphaMillsaps College
Kappa AlphaMississippi State University
Kappa AlphaMissouri State University
Kappa AlphaMurray State University
Kappa AlphaOklahoma State University
Kappa AlphaOld Dominion University
Kappa AlphaRandolph-Macon College
Kappa AlphaRhodes College
Kappa AlphaSam Houston State University
Kappa AlphaSan Diego State University
Kappa AlphaSoutheastern Louisiana University
Kappa AlphaSouthern Illinois University
Kappa AlphaStephen F Austin University
Kappa AlphaTennessee Tech University
Kappa AlphaTexas Tech University
Kappa AlphaUniversity of Arkansas
Kappa AlphaUniversity of Arkansas at Monticello
Kappa AlphaUniversity of Arkansas Fort Smith
Kappa AlphaUniversity of Georgia
Kappa AlphaUniversity of Kentucky
Kappa AlphaUniversity of Louisiana at Lafayette
Kappa AlphaUniversity of Memphis
Kappa AlphaUniversity of Missouri
Kappa AlphaUniversity of Nevada Reno
Kappa AlphaUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Kappa AlphaUniversity of North Florida
Kappa AlphaUniversity of North Texas
Kappa AlphaUniversity of Oklahoma
Kappa AlphaUniversity of South Alabama
Kappa AlphaUniversity of Tennessee
Kappa AlphaUniversity of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Kappa AlphaUniversity of Texas
Kappa AlphaUniversity of Washington
Kappa AlphaUniversity of West Georgia
Kappa AlphaVirginia Tech
Kappa AlphaWest Texas A&M University
Kappa AlphaWest Virginia University
Kappa AlphaWest Virginia Wesleyan College
Kappa AlphaWestern Kentucky University
Kappa Alpha PsiSoutheastern Louisiana University
Kappa Alpha PsiUniversity of Alabama
Kappa Alpha ThetaAuburn University
Kappa Alpha ThetaBaylor University
Kappa Alpha ThetaCalifornia Polytechnic State
Kappa Alpha ThetaCalifornia State University Fresno
Kappa Alpha ThetaColorado State University
Kappa Alpha ThetaDickinson College
Kappa Alpha ThetaEastern Kentucky University
Kappa Alpha ThetaFlorida State University
Kappa Alpha ThetaIowa State University
Kappa Alpha ThetaJames Madison University
Kappa Alpha ThetaJohns Hopkins University
Kappa Alpha ThetaLouisiana State University
Kappa Alpha ThetaMcGill University
Kappa Alpha ThetaNorth Carolina State University
Kappa Alpha ThetaNorth Dakota State University
Kappa Alpha ThetaPenn State University
Kappa Alpha ThetaRandolph-Macon College
Kappa Alpha ThetaTexas Tech University
Kappa Alpha ThetaTulane University
Kappa Alpha ThetaUniversity of Alabama
Kappa Alpha ThetaUniversity of Arizona
Kappa Alpha ThetaUniversity of Delaware
Kappa Alpha ThetaUniversity of Illinois at UC
Kappa Alpha ThetaUniversity of Louisville
Kappa Alpha ThetaUniversity of Minnesota
Kappa Alpha ThetaUniversity of Mississippi
Kappa Alpha ThetaUniversity of Missouri
Kappa Alpha ThetaUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
Kappa Alpha ThetaUniversity of Nevada Reno
Kappa Alpha ThetaUniversity of North Dakota
Kappa Alpha ThetaUniversity of Texas
Kappa Alpha ThetaUniversity of Washington
Kappa DeltaAuburn University
Kappa DeltaBall State University
Kappa DeltaCollege of Charleston
Kappa DeltaEast Carolina University
Kappa DeltaEastern Kentucky University
Kappa DeltaFlorida State University
Kappa DeltaFurman University
Kappa DeltaGeorgia Southern University
Kappa DeltaIndiana University
Kappa DeltaKansas State University
Kappa DeltaLouisiana State University
Kappa DeltaMississippi State University
Kappa DeltaOklahoma State University
Kappa DeltaTennessee Tech University
Kappa DeltaTexas A&M University
Kappa DeltaTroy University
Kappa DeltaUniversity of Alabama
Kappa DeltaUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham
Kappa DeltaUniversity of Arkansas
Kappa DeltaUniversity of Kentucky
Kappa DeltaUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
Kappa DeltaUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte
Kappa DeltaUniversity of North Dakota
Kappa DeltaUniversity of Pittsburgh
Kappa DeltaUniversity of South Alabama
Kappa DeltaUniversity of Southern Mississippi
Kappa DeltaUniversity of Tennessee
Kappa DeltaUniversity of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Kappa DeltaUniversity of Texas
Kappa DeltaUniversity of West Florida
Kappa DeltaUniversity of West Georgia
Kappa Delta ChiOklahoma State University
Kappa Delta ChiTexas A&M University Commerce
Kappa Delta ChiTexas Tech University
Kappa Delta ChiUniversity of Arizona
Kappa Delta RhoIndiana University
Kappa Delta RhoIndiana University of Pennsylvania
Kappa Delta RhoPurdue University
Kappa Delta RhoTarleton State University
Kappa Delta RhoUniversity of Delaware
Kappa Delta RhoUniversity of North Carolina Greensboro
Kappa Delta RhoVirginia Commonwealth University
Kappa Kappa GammaArizona State University
Kappa Kappa GammaAuburn University
Kappa Kappa GammaClemson University
Kappa Kappa GammaColorado State University
Kappa Kappa GammaGeorgia Southern University
Kappa Kappa GammaMiami University
Kappa Kappa GammaOklahoma State University
Kappa Kappa GammaOregon State University
Kappa Kappa GammaSouthern Methodist University
Kappa Kappa GammaThe George Washington University
Kappa Kappa GammaUniversity of Alabama
Kappa Kappa GammaUniversity of Arizona
Kappa Kappa GammaUniversity of Illinois at UC
Kappa Kappa GammaUniversity of Iowa
Kappa Kappa GammaUniversity of Kentucky
Kappa Kappa GammaUniversity of Mississippi
Kappa Kappa GammaUniversity of Missouri
Kappa Kappa GammaUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Kappa Kappa GammaUniversity of Pittsburgh
Kappa Kappa GammaUniversity of South Carolina
Kappa Kappa GammaWashington State University
Kappa Lambda DeltaTexas Christian University
Kappa Phi GammaTemple University
Kappa Phi LambdaUniversity of Connecticut
Kappa PsiNorth Dakota State University
Kappa Psi EpsilonSan Francisco State University
Kappa SigmaArkansas State University
Kappa SigmaArkansas Tech University
Kappa SigmaCalifornia State University Chico
Kappa SigmaCalifornia State University Northridge
Kappa SigmaCentral Michigan University
Kappa SigmaChristian Brothers University
Kappa SigmaEastern Washington University
Kappa SigmaFlorida Atlantic University
Kappa SigmaFlorida Gulf Coast University
Kappa SigmaFlorida State University
Kappa SigmaGeorgia Southern University
Kappa SigmaGeorgia Tech
Kappa SigmaGrand Valley State
Kappa SigmaIndiana University
Kappa SigmaIndiana University of Pennsylvania
Kappa SigmaIowa State University
Kappa SigmaKansas State University
Kappa SigmaKennesaw State University
Kappa SigmaLouisiana Tech University
Kappa SigmaMarquette University
Kappa SigmaMcNeese State University
Kappa SigmaMidwestern State University
Kappa SigmaMississippi State University
Kappa SigmaMissouri State University
Kappa SigmaMonmouth University
Kappa SigmaMontana State University
Kappa SigmaNortheastern State University
Kappa SigmaNorthwestern State University
Kappa SigmaOklahoma City University
Kappa SigmaOklahoma State University
Kappa SigmaSacramento State University
Kappa SigmaSam Houston state university
Kappa SigmaSoutheastern Louisiana University
Kappa SigmaStephen F Austin University
Kappa SigmaStockton University
Kappa SigmaTarleton State University
Kappa SigmaTemple University
Kappa SigmaTexas A&M University Commerce
Kappa SigmaTexas State University
Kappa SigmaTexas Tech University
Kappa SigmaThe University of Tulsa
Kappa SigmaUniversity of Alabama
Kappa SigmaUniversity of Arizona
Kappa SigmaUniversity of Arkansas Fort Smith
Kappa SigmaUniversity of Arkansas Little Rock
Kappa SigmaUniversity of California Riverside
Kappa SigmaUniversity of Central Arkansas
Kappa SigmaUniversity of Central Oklahoma
Kappa SigmaUniversity of Idaho
Kappa SigmaUniversity of Iowa
Kappa SigmaUniversity of Kentucky
Kappa SigmaUniversity of Louisville
Kappa SigmaUniversity of Memphis
Kappa SigmaUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
Kappa SigmaUniversity of Nevada Reno
Kappa SigmaUniversity of New Orleans
Kappa SigmaUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte
Kappa SigmaUniversity of North Georgia
Kappa SigmaUniversity of Oklahoma
Kappa SigmaUniversity of Southern Mississippi
Kappa SigmaUniversity of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Kappa SigmaUniversity of Texas San Antonio
Kappa SigmaUniversity of West Florida
Kappa SigmaUniversity of West Georgia
Kappa SigmaWake Forest University
Kappa Sigma AlphaOlivet College
Knights Womens BasketballSan Diego City College
KSC AthleticsKeene State College
KY PoloUniversity of Kentucky
Lambda Alpha UpsilonRochester Institute of Technology
Lambda Chi AlphaArkansas State University
Lambda Chi AlphaAuburn University
Lambda Chi AlphaBowling Green State University
Lambda Chi AlphaCalifornia State University Chico
Lambda Chi AlphaCalifornia State University Fresno
Lambda Chi AlphaClemson University
Lambda Chi AlphaCoastal Carolina University
Lambda Chi AlphaColorado State University
Lambda Chi AlphaIndiana University
Lambda Chi AlphaIowa State University
Lambda Chi AlphaJohnson & Wales University
Lambda Chi AlphaNortheastern State University
Lambda Chi AlphaOklahoma State University
Lambda Chi AlphaOregon State University
Lambda Chi AlphaSamford University
Lambda Chi AlphaSoutheast Missouri State University
Lambda Chi AlphaTarleton State University
Lambda Chi AlphaTexas A&M University
Lambda Chi AlphaTexas Christian University
Lambda Chi AlphaTexas Tech University
Lambda Chi AlphaTroy University
Lambda Chi AlphaUniversity of Akron
Lambda Chi AlphaUniversity of Alabama
Lambda Chi AlphaUniversity of Central Missouri
Lambda Chi AlphaUniversity of Iowa
Lambda Chi AlphaUniversity of Kansas
Lambda Chi AlphaUniversity of Missouri
Lambda Chi AlphaUniversity of North Carolina Greensboro
Lambda Chi AlphaUniversity of North Dakota
Lambda Chi AlphaUniversity of Northern Colorado
Lambda Chi AlphaUniversity of Tennessee
Lambda Chi AlphaUniversity of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Lambda Chi AlphaUniversity of Texas
Lambda Chi AlphaUniversity of Texas San Antonio
Lambda Chi AlphaWashington State University
Lambda Chi AlphaWest Virginia University
Lambda Phi EpsilonUniversity of Oklahoma
Lambda Phi XiUniversity of Nevada Reno
Lambda Sigma GammaCalifornia State University Stanislaus
Lambda Theta AlphaIowa State University
Lambda Theta AlphaMontclair State University
Lambda Theta AlphaNorth Carolina State University
Lambda Theta AlphaSam Houston State University
Lambda Theta AlphaTexas Tech University
Lambda Theta AlphaUniversity of Illinois at UC
Lambda Theta NuUniversity of California San Diego
Latinic Societas UnitasUC Riverside
Learning ExcellenceHigh Point University
Mens SoccerKeystone College
Mens VolleyballBethany College
MSU HillelMichigan State University
MU SoccerMultnomah University
Multicultural Greek CouncilTexas Tech University
NABAUniversity of Mississippi
Newberry College CheerleadingNewberry College
North Texas CheerUniversity of North Texas
NPHCBowling Green State University
NPHCCalifornia State University Long Beach
NROTCMorehouse College
Nu Alpha KappaCalifornia State University Chico
Nu Alpha KappaCalifornia State University Fresno
Nu Alpha KappaColorado State University
Omega DeltaNorthern Illinois University
Omega DeltaSouthern Illinois University
Omega DeltaUniversity of Illinois at Chicago
Omega Delta PhiOklahoma State University
Omega Delta PhiTexas State University
Omega Delta PhiUniversity of Arizona
Omega Delta PhiUniversity of the Incarnate Word
Omega Delta PhiWashington State University
Omega Delta PhiWestern Michigan University
Omega Eta LambdaUniversity of Arizona
Omega Nu OmegaCalifornia State University Stanislaus
Omega Psi PhiAustin Peay State University
Pershing Rifles Company C4Clemson University
PersonalTexas State University
Phi Beta ChiUniversity of Iowa
Phi Beta SigmaMississippi State University
Phi Beta SigmaUniversity of West Florida
Phi ChiUniversity of South Florida Saint Petersburg
Phi Chi ThetaCentral Michigan University
Phi Chi ThetaDrake University
Phi Delta ChiKansas State University
Phi Delta EpsilonUniversity of California Merced
Phi Delta EpsilonUniversity of California Riverside
Phi Delta ThetaArizona State University
Phi Delta ThetaAshland University
Phi Delta ThetaAuburn University
Phi Delta ThetaBoise State University
Phi Delta ThetaBowling Green State University
Phi Delta ThetaCalifornia State University Chico
Phi Delta ThetaCalifornia State University Fresno
Phi Delta ThetaCampbell University
Phi Delta ThetaCentral Michigan University
Phi Delta ThetaClarion University
Phi Delta ThetaColorado State University
Phi Delta ThetaEastern Washington University
Phi Delta ThetaEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Phi Delta ThetaFlorida Atlantic University
Phi Delta ThetaFlorida Gulf Coast University
Phi Delta ThetaFlorida International University
Phi Delta ThetaGeorgia Southern University
Phi Delta ThetaHanover College
Phi Delta ThetaIndiana University
Phi Delta ThetaIndiana University of Pennsylvania
Phi Delta ThetaIowa State University
Phi Delta ThetaJacksonville University
Phi Delta ThetaKent State University
Phi Delta ThetaLouisiana Tech University
Phi Delta ThetaLoyola Marymount University
Phi Delta ThetaMiddle Tennessee State University
Phi Delta ThetaMississippi State University
Phi Delta ThetaMissouri State University
Phi Delta ThetaOhio University
Phi Delta ThetaOklahoma State University
Phi Delta ThetaPurdue University
Phi Delta ThetaRochester Institute of Technology
Phi Delta ThetaSaint Louis University
Phi Delta ThetaSan Diego State University
Phi Delta ThetaSeton Hall University
Phi Delta ThetaShippensburg University
Phi Delta ThetaSonoma State University
Phi Delta ThetaSoutheast Missouri State University
Phi Delta ThetaStephen F Austin University
Phi Delta ThetaTennessee Tech University
Phi Delta ThetaTexas A&M University
Phi Delta ThetaTexas A&M University Corpus Christi
Phi Delta ThetaTexas State University
Phi Delta ThetaUniversity of Alabama
Phi Delta ThetaUniversity of Arizona
Phi Delta ThetaUniversity of Arkansas
Phi Delta ThetaUniversity of Cincinnati
Phi Delta ThetaUniversity of Colorado
Phi Delta ThetaUniversity of Connecticut
Phi Delta ThetaUniversity of Idaho
Phi Delta ThetaUniversity of Kentucky
Phi Delta ThetaUniversity of Minnesota
Phi Delta ThetaUniversity of Missouri
Phi Delta ThetaUniversity of Nebraska at Kearney
Phi Delta ThetaUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
Phi Delta ThetaUniversity of Nevada Reno
Phi Delta ThetaUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte
Phi Delta ThetaUniversity of Oklahoma
Phi Delta ThetaUniversity of South Carolina
Phi Delta ThetaUniversity of Southern Indiana
Phi Delta ThetaUniversity of Texas
Phi Delta ThetaUniversity of Texas San Antonio
Phi Delta ThetaUniversity of West Georgia
Phi Delta ThetaUniversity of Wisconsin Whitewater
Phi Delta ThetaVirginia Tech
Phi Delta ThetaWabash College
Phi Delta ThetaWest Texas A&M University
Phi Delta ThetaWest Virginia University
Phi Eta KappaUniversity of Maine
Phi Gamma DeltaAppalachian State University
Phi Gamma DeltaBall State University
Phi Gamma DeltaBoise State University
Phi Gamma DeltaCoastal Carolina University
Phi Gamma DeltaColorado State University
Phi Gamma DeltaEast Carolina University
Phi Gamma DeltaFlorida State University
Phi Gamma DeltaIllinois State University
Phi Gamma DeltaIndiana University
Phi Gamma DeltaKansas State University
Phi Gamma DeltaLouisiana State University
Phi Gamma DeltaMississippi State University
Phi Gamma DeltaOhio University
Phi Gamma DeltaOklahoma State University
Phi Gamma DeltaQuinnipiac University
Phi Gamma DeltaRose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Phi Gamma DeltaSam Houston State University
Phi Gamma DeltaTennessee Tech University
Phi Gamma DeltaTexas Christian University
Phi Gamma DeltaTexas State University
Phi Gamma DeltaUniversity of Arizona
Phi Gamma DeltaUniversity of Arkansas
Phi Gamma DeltaUniversity of California Davis
Phi Gamma DeltaUniversity of Central Florida
Phi Gamma DeltaUniversity of Colorado
Phi Gamma DeltaUniversity of Connecticut
Phi Gamma DeltaUniversity of Florida
Phi Gamma DeltaUniversity of Iowa
Phi Gamma DeltaUniversity of Kansas
Phi Gamma DeltaUniversity of Kentucky
Phi Gamma DeltaUniversity of Maine
Phi Gamma DeltaUniversity of Minnesota
Phi Gamma DeltaUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
Phi Gamma DeltaUniversity of New Mexico
Phi Gamma DeltaUniversity of North Carolina Wilmington
Phi Gamma DeltaUniversity of Oregon
Phi Gamma DeltaUniversity of Rhode Island
Phi Gamma DeltaUniversity of South Carolina
Phi Gamma DeltaUniversity of South Florida
Phi Gamma DeltaUniversity of Tennessee
Phi Gamma DeltaUniversity of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Phi Gamma DeltaUniversity of Texas
Phi Gamma DeltaUniversity of Texas San Antonio
Phi Gamma DeltaVirginia Commonwealth University
Phi Gamma DeltaWashington State University
Phi Gamma DeltaWest Virginia University
Phi Gamma DeltaWestern Michigan University
Phi Iota AlphaTexas A&M University
Phi Iota AlphaTexas State University
Phi Kappa PsiArizona State University
Phi Kappa PsiBall State University
Phi Kappa PsiBowling Green State University
Phi Kappa PsiCalifornia State University Long Beach
Phi Kappa PsiHouston Baptist University
Phi Kappa PsiIndiana University
Phi Kappa PsiIndiana University of Pennsylvania
Phi Kappa PsiJames Madison University
Phi Kappa PsiLouisiana State University
Phi Kappa PsiLoyola University New Orleans
Phi Kappa PsiMichigan State University
Phi Kappa PsiNorthern Illinois university
Phi Kappa PsiPurdue University
Phi Kappa PsiSan Diego State University
Phi Kappa PsiSouthern Illinois University Edwardsville
Phi Kappa PsiStephen F Austin University
Phi Kappa PsiTexas A&M University
Phi Kappa PsiTexas State University
Phi Kappa PsiTexas Tech University
Phi Kappa PsiUniversity of Alabama
Phi Kappa PsiUniversity of Alabama Huntsville
Phi Kappa PsiUniversity of California Los Angeles
Phi Kappa PsiUniversity of California Riverside
Phi Kappa PsiUniversity of Illinois at Chicago
Phi Kappa PsiUniversity of Illinois at UC
Phi Kappa PsiUniversity of Mississippi
Phi Kappa PsiUniversity of Missouri
Phi Kappa PsiUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
Phi Kappa PsiUniversity of Oklahoma
Phi Kappa PsiUniversity of Tennessee
Phi Kappa PsiUniversity of Toledo
Phi Kappa PsiWittenberg University
Phi Kappa SigmaIndiana University
Phi Kappa SigmaOklahoma State University
Phi Kappa SigmaPurdue University
Phi Kappa SigmaTarleton State University
Phi Kappa SigmaTexas Christian University
Phi Kappa SigmaTexas State University
Phi Kappa SigmaTexas Tech University
Phi Kappa SigmaUniversity of Alabama
Phi Kappa SigmaUniversity of Hartford
Phi Kappa SigmaUniversity of Maryland Baltimore County
Phi Kappa SigmaUniversity of New Orleans
Phi Kappa SigmaUniversity of North Texas
Phi Kappa SigmaUniversity of Oklahoma
Phi Kappa SigmaUniversity of South Alabama
Phi Kappa SigmaVanderbilt University
Phi Kappa TauAppalachian State University
Phi Kappa TauArizona State University
Phi Kappa TauAuburn University
Phi Kappa TauBelmont University
Phi Kappa TauBethany College
Phi Kappa TauCalifornia State University Chico
Phi Kappa TauCalifornia State University Fullerton
Phi Kappa TauCalifornia State University Sacramento
Phi Kappa TauCentral Michigan University
Phi Kappa TauClemson University
Phi Kappa TauColorado State University
Phi Kappa TauEast Central University
Phi Kappa TauIndiana University
Phi Kappa TauIndiana University of Pennsylvania
Phi Kappa TauIowa State University
Phi Kappa TauKent State University
Phi Kappa TauMiddle Tennessee State University
Phi Kappa TauMississippi State University
Phi Kappa TauMurray State University
Phi Kappa TauNebraska Wesleyan University
Phi Kappa TauOhio University
Phi Kappa TauOklahoma State University
Phi Kappa TauPenn State University
Phi Kappa TauSouthern Illinois University
Phi Kappa TauTexas State University
Phi Kappa TauThe Ohio State University
Phi Kappa TauTruman State University
Phi Kappa TauUniversity of Alabama
Phi Kappa TauUniversity of Cincinnati
Phi Kappa TauUniversity of Colorado
Phi Kappa TauUniversity of Idaho
Phi Kappa TauUniversity of Illinois at UC
Phi Kappa TauUniversity of Kansas
Phi Kappa TauUniversity of Kentucky
Phi Kappa TauUniversity of Louisville
Phi Kappa TauUniversity of Mississippi
Phi Kappa TauUniversity of North Texas
Phi Kappa TauUniversity of Southern Mississippi
Phi Kappa TauUniversity of Tennessee
Phi Kappa TauUniversity of Washington
Phi Kappa TauWashington State University
Phi Kappa TauWest Virginia University
Phi Kappa TauWestminster College
Phi Kappa TauWright State University
Phi Kappa ThetaLehigh University
Phi Kappa ThetaNorthern Illinois University
Phi MuArkansas Tech University
Phi MuCalifornia State University Sacramento
Phi MuCentral Michigan University
Phi MuEast Carolina University
Phi MuElon University
Phi MuFlorida Atlantic University
Phi MuFlorida State University
Phi MuGeorgia Southern University
Phi MuGeorgia State University
Phi MuGrand Valley State
Phi MuHouston Baptist University
Phi MuJacksonville State University
Phi MuLouisiana State University
Phi MuLouisiana State University Shreveport
Phi MuMiami University
Phi MuMillsaps College
Phi MuMississippi State University
Phi MuNicholls State University
Phi MuNorthwestern State University of Louisiana
Phi MuOklahoma State University
Phi MuPenn State University
Phi MuRutgers University
Phi MuSamford University
Phi MuSoutheastern Louisiana University
Phi MuTarleton State University
Phi MuTennessee Tech University
Phi MuTroy University
Phi MuUniversity of Alabama
Phi MuUniversity of Hartford
Phi MuUniversity of Kentucky
Phi MuUniversity of Louisiana Monroe
Phi MuUniversity of Memphis
Phi MuUniversity of Michigan Dearborn
Phi MuUniversity of Mississippi
Phi MuUniversity of Missouri
Phi MuUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
Phi MuUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Phi MuUniversity of North Carolina Wilmington
Phi MuUniversity of South Alabama
Phi MuUniversity of Texas San Antonio
Phi MuUniversity of Washington
Phi MuUniversity of West Georgia
Phi MuWestern Kentucky University
Phi Mu Alpha SinfoniaUniversity of Missouri
Phi Omega AlphaYork University
Phi Sigma KappaAppalachian State University
Phi Sigma KappaAuburn University
Phi Sigma KappaBall State University
Phi Sigma KappaCalifornia Polytechnic State
Phi Sigma KappaCalifornia State University Fullerton
Phi Sigma KappaEmporia State University
Phi Sigma KappaGeorgia Southern University
Phi Sigma KappaIndiana University
Phi Sigma KappaNorthern Illinois University
Phi Sigma KappaNorthwest Missouri State University
Phi Sigma KappaPittsburg State University
Phi Sigma KappaPurdue University
Phi Sigma KappaRochester Institute of Technology
Phi Sigma KappaShippensburg University
Phi Sigma KappaSouthern Illinois University
Phi Sigma KappaTowson University
Phi Sigma KappaUniversity of Akron
Phi Sigma KappaUniversity of Alabama
Phi Sigma KappaUniversity of Central Arkansas
Phi Sigma KappaUniversity of Central Missouri
Phi Sigma KappaUniversity of Cincinnati
Phi Sigma KappaUniversity of Florida
Phi Sigma KappaUniversity of Illinois at UC
Phi Sigma KappaUniversity of Kentucky
Phi Sigma KappaUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte
Phi Sigma KappaUniversity of Tennessee
Phi Sigma KappaUniversity of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Phi Sigma KappaValdosta State University
Phi Sigma KappaWashington State University
Phi Sigma KappaWestern Michigan University
Phi Sigma PhiCentral Michigan University
Phi Sigma PhiEastern Michigan University
Phi SIgma PiCentral Michigan University
Phi SIgma PiSam Houston State University
Phi Sigma RhoArizona State University
Phi Sigma RhoThe Ohio State University
Phi Sigma RhoUniversity of California Los Angeles
Phi Sigma RhoUniversity of Cincinnati
Phi Sigma RhoUniversity of Connecticut
Phi Sigma SigmaCalifornia State University Sacramento
Phi Sigma SigmaCentral Michigan University
Phi Sigma SigmaCoastal Carolina University
Phi Sigma SigmaGrand Valley State
Phi Sigma SigmaMiami University
Phi Sigma SigmaPenn State University
Phi Sigma SigmaTemple University
Phi Sigma SigmaUniversity of Delaware
Phi Sigma SigmaUniversity of Illinois at Chicago
Phi Sigma SigmaUniversity of Illinois at UC
Phi Sigma SigmaUniversity of Rhode Island
Phi Sigma SigmaUniversity of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Phi Sigma SigmaWestern Illinois University
Pi Alpha ChiUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
Pi Alpha PhiUniversity of California San Diego
Pi Beta PhiAuburn University
Pi Beta PhiBowling Green State University
Pi Beta PhiClemson University
Pi Beta PhiColorado State University
Pi Beta PhiDickinson College
Pi Beta PhiFlorida State University
Pi Beta PhiGeorge Mason University
Pi Beta PhiIndiana University
Pi Beta PhiLehigh University
Pi Beta PhiLouisiana State University
Pi Beta PhiMiami University
Pi Beta PhiMichigan State University
Pi Beta PhiMillikin University
Pi Beta PhiMississippi State University
Pi Beta PhiMontana State University
Pi Beta PhiOhio University
Pi Beta PhiOklahoma State University
Pi Beta PhiPurdue University
Pi Beta PhiSouthern Methodist University
Pi Beta PhiTexas A&M University
Pi Beta PhiTexas Christian University
Pi Beta PhiTexas Tech University
Pi Beta PhiUniversity of Alabama
Pi Beta PhiUniversity of Arizona
Pi Beta PhiUniversity of Arkansas
Pi Beta PhiUniversity of California Davis
Pi Beta PhiUniversity of California Riverside
Pi Beta PhiUniversity of Colorado
Pi Beta PhiUniversity of Colorado Colorado Springs
Pi Beta PhiUniversity of Connecticut
Pi Beta PhiUniversity of Delaware
Pi Beta PhiUniversity of Guelph
Pi Beta PhiUniversity of Idaho
Pi Beta PhiUniversity of Iowa
Pi Beta PhiUniversity of Kansas
Pi Beta PhiUniversity of Kentucky
Pi Beta PhiUniversity of Maine
Pi Beta PhiUniversity of Memphis
Pi Beta PhiUniversity of Mississippi
Pi Beta PhiUniversity of Missouri
Pi Beta PhiUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
Pi Beta PhiUniversity of Nevada Reno
Pi Beta PhiUniversity of New Mexico
Pi Beta PhiUniversity of North Texas
Pi Beta PhiUniversity of Oklahoma
Pi Beta PhiUniversity of South Carolina
Pi Beta PhiUniversity of South Dakota
Pi Beta PhiUniversity of Southern Mississippi
Pi Beta PhiUniversity of Tennessee
Pi Beta PhiUniversity of Texas
Pi Beta PhiUniversity of Toronto
Pi Beta PhiUniversity of Utah
Pi Beta PhiUniversity of Wisconsin Madison
Pi Beta PhiValparaiso University
Pi Beta PhiVanderbilt University
Pi Beta PhiVirginia Tech
Pi Beta PhiWashington State University
Pi Beta PhiWest Virginia University
Pi Kappa AlphaArizona State University
Pi Kappa AlphaArkansas State University
Pi Kappa AlphaArkansas Tech
Pi Kappa AlphaArkansas Tech University
Pi Kappa AlphaArmstrong State University
Pi Kappa AlphaAuburn University
Pi Kappa AlphaAustin Peay State University
Pi Kappa AlphaBoise State University
Pi Kappa AlphaCalifornia State University Chico
Pi Kappa AlphaCalifornia State University Fresno
Pi Kappa AlphaCalifornia State University Long Beach
Pi Kappa AlphaClemson University
Pi Kappa AlphaCoastal Carolina University
Pi Kappa AlphaEast Carolina University
Pi Kappa AlphaEastern Illinois University
Pi Kappa AlphaEastern Kentucky University
Pi Kappa AlphaEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Pi Kappa AlphaFlorida Atlantic University
Pi Kappa AlphaFlorida Gulf Coast University
Pi Kappa AlphaGeorgia Southern University
Pi Kappa AlphaHigh Point University
Pi Kappa AlphaIndiana State University
Pi Kappa AlphaIndiana University
Pi Kappa AlphaIowa State University
Pi Kappa AlphaJames Madison University
Pi Kappa AlphaKansas State University
Pi Kappa AlphaLouisiana State University
Pi Kappa AlphaLouisiana Tech University
Pi Kappa AlphaMississippi State University
Pi Kappa AlphaMissouri State University
Pi Kappa AlphaMissouri University of Science and Technology
Pi Kappa AlphaNorth Carolina State University
Pi Kappa AlphaNortheastern State University
Pi Kappa AlphaNorthern Arizona University
Pi Kappa AlphaOhio University
Pi Kappa AlphaOklahoma State University
Pi Kappa AlphaOld Dominion University
Pi Kappa AlphaOregon State University
Pi Kappa AlphaPittsburg State University
Pi Kappa AlphaPurdue University
Pi Kappa AlphaRowan University
Pi Kappa AlphaSam Houston State University
Pi Kappa AlphaSan Diego State University
Pi Kappa AlphaSouth Dakota State University
Pi Kappa AlphaSoutheast Missouri State University
Pi Kappa AlphaStephen F Austin University
Pi Kappa AlphaStetson University
Pi Kappa AlphaTennessee Tech University
Pi Kappa AlphaTexas A&M University
Pi Kappa AlphaTexas State University
Pi Kappa AlphaTexas Tech University
Pi Kappa AlphaUniversity of Alabama Huntsville
Pi Kappa AlphaUniversity of Arkansas
Pi Kappa AlphaUniversity of Colorado
Pi Kappa AlphaUniversity of Delaware
Pi Kappa AlphaUniversity of Idaho
Pi Kappa AlphaUniversity of Iowa
Pi Kappa AlphaUniversity of Kansas
Pi Kappa AlphaUniversity of Kentucky
Pi Kappa AlphaUniversity of Louisville
Pi Kappa AlphaUniversity of Memphis
Pi Kappa AlphaUniversity of Missouri
Pi Kappa AlphaUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
Pi Kappa AlphaUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte
Pi Kappa AlphaUniversity of North Carolina Greensboro
Pi Kappa AlphaUniversity of North Carolina Wilmington
Pi Kappa AlphaUniversity of Northern Colorado
Pi Kappa AlphaUniversity of Oklahoma
Pi Kappa AlphaUniversity of Oregon
Pi Kappa AlphaUniversity of Southern Mississippi
Pi Kappa AlphaUniversity of Tennessee
Pi Kappa AlphaUniversity of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Pi Kappa AlphaUniversity of Tennessee Martin
Pi Kappa AlphaUniversity of Texas
Pi Kappa AlphaUniversity of Utah
Pi Kappa AlphaUniversity of West Florida
Pi Kappa AlphaWashington State University
Pi Kappa AlphaWestern Kentucky University
Pi Kappa PhiAuburn University
Pi Kappa PhiBall State University
Pi Kappa PhiCentral Michigan University
Pi Kappa PhiCoastal Carolina University
Pi Kappa PhiCollege of Charleston
Pi Kappa PhiFlorida Atlantic University
Pi Kappa PhiFlorida Gulf Coast University
Pi Kappa PhiGeorge Mason University
Pi Kappa PhiGeorgia Southern University
Pi Kappa PhiGrand Valley State
Pi Kappa PhiIndiana University
Pi Kappa PhiKansas State University
Pi Kappa PhiKennesaw State University
Pi Kappa PhiLouisiana Tech University
Pi Kappa PhiLoyola University New Orleans
Pi Kappa PhiMichigan State University
Pi Kappa PhiMississippi State University
Pi Kappa PhiMissouri State University
Pi Kappa PhiOld Dominion University
Pi Kappa PhiOregon State University
Pi Kappa PhiSamford University
Pi Kappa PhiSlippery Rock University
Pi Kappa PhiSonoma State University
Pi Kappa PhiStephen F Austin University
Pi Kappa PhiTemple University
Pi Kappa PhiTexas A&M University
Pi Kappa PhiTexas State University
Pi Kappa PhiTexas Tech University
Pi Kappa PhiThe Ohio State University
Pi Kappa PhiTroy University
Pi Kappa PhiUniversity of Alabama
Pi Kappa PhiUniversity of Arkansas Fort Smith
Pi Kappa PhiUniversity of Colorado Colorado Springs
Pi Kappa PhiUniversity of Iowa
Pi Kappa PhiUniversity of Kansas
Pi Kappa PhiUniversity of Maine
Pi Kappa PhiUniversity of Mississippi
Pi Kappa PhiUniversity of Missouri
Pi Kappa PhiUniversity of Nevada Reno
Pi Kappa PhiUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte
Pi Kappa PhiUniversity of North Carolina Greensboro
Pi Kappa PhiUniversity of North Texas
Pi Kappa PhiUniversity of Northern Colorado
Pi Kappa PhiUniversity of Oregon
Pi Kappa PhiUniversity of South Alabama
Pi Kappa PhiUniversity of Tennessee
Pi Kappa PhiUniversity of Texas San Antonio
Pi Kappa PhiUniversity of Toledo
Pi Kappa PhiWashington State University
Pi Kappa PhiWestern Illinois University
Pi Kappa PhiWingate University
Pi Kappa PhiWinthrop University
Pi Lambda Chi LatinaBoise State University
Pi Lambda Chi LatinaColorado State University
Pi Lambda Chi LatinaMetropolitan State University of Denver
Pi Lambda PhiBloomberg University of Pennsylvania
Pi Lambda PhiIndiana University
Pi Lambda PhiIndiana University of Pennsylvania
Pi Lambda PhiUniversity of Iowa
Promising ScholarsIndiana University of Pennsylvania
Psi UpsilonClemson University
Psi UpsilonUniversity of Washington
PSYCUniversity of Sydney
RC SuccessRoanoke College
Rho Psi EtaUniversity of Pittsburgh
Robert Industries, Inc.River Dell High School
ROTCSam Houston State University
ROTCUniversity of Alabama
RugbySouthern Illinois University
RugbyUniversity of Georgia
Ryan Robnett OrgUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham
Saddle TrampsTexas Tech University
Savannah State UniversitySavannah State University
SCSU Cheer TeamSaint Cloud State University
Self StudyTexas Tech University
Sigma AlphaCalifornia State University Chico
Sigma AlphaKansas State University
Sigma AlphaLouisiana State University
Sigma AlphaMississippi State University
Sigma AlphaMorehead State University
Sigma AlphaPurdue University
Sigma AlphaSam Houston State University
Sigma AlphaStephen F Austin University
Sigma AlphaUniversity of Arizona
Sigma Alphauniversity of arkansas
Sigma AlphaUniversity of California Davis
Sigma AlphaUniversity of Idaho
Sigma AlphaUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
Sigma AlphaUniversity of Tennessee
Sigma AlphaWashington State University
Sigma Alpha EpsilonArmstrong State University
Sigma Alpha EpsilonBaylor University
Sigma Alpha EpsilonBoise State University
Sigma Alpha EpsilonCalifornia State University Chico
Sigma Alpha EpsilonCalifornia State University Northridge
Sigma Alpha EpsilonCalifornia State University Sacramento
Sigma Alpha EpsilonCollege of Charleston
Sigma Alpha EpsilonColorado State University
Sigma Alpha EpsilonEast Tennessee State University
Sigma Alpha EpsilonFlorida State University
Sigma Alpha EpsilonGeorgia College and State University
Sigma Alpha EpsilonGeorgia Southern University
Sigma Alpha EpsilonGeorgia Southern University Armstrong
Sigma Alpha EpsilonGeorgia Tech
Sigma Alpha EpsilonIllinois State University
Sigma Alpha EpsilonIndiana University
Sigma Alpha EpsilonKansas State University
Sigma Alpha EpsilonKennesaw State University
Sigma Alpha EpsilonLouisiana State University
Sigma Alpha EpsilonMidwestern State University
Sigma Alpha EpsilonOklahoma State University
Sigma Alpha EpsilonPittsburg State University
Sigma Alpha EpsilonStephen F Austin University
Sigma Alpha EpsilonTennessee Tech University
Sigma Alpha EpsilonTexas A&M University
Sigma Alpha EpsilonTexas State University
Sigma Alpha EpsilonTexas Tech University
Sigma Alpha EpsilonUniversity of Alabama
Sigma Alpha EpsilonUniversity of California Riverside
Sigma Alpha EpsilonUniversity of Central Florida
Sigma Alpha EpsilonUniversity of Central Oklahoma
Sigma Alpha EpsilonUniversity of Colorado
Sigma Alpha EpsilonUniversity of Dayton
Sigma Alpha EpsilonUniversity of Delaware
Sigma Alpha EpsilonUniversity of Houston
Sigma Alpha EpsilonUniversity of Illinois at UC
Sigma Alpha EpsilonUniversity of Iowa
Sigma Alpha EpsilonUniversity of Kansas
Sigma Alpha EpsilonUniversity of Kentucky
Sigma Alpha EpsilonUniversity of Mississippi
Sigma Alpha EpsilonUniversity of Missouri
Sigma Alpha EpsilonUniversity of Missouri Kansas City
Sigma Alpha EpsilonUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
Sigma Alpha EpsilonUniversity of Oregon
Sigma Alpha EpsilonUniversity of Pittsburgh
Sigma Alpha EpsilonUniversity of South Florida
Sigma Alpha EpsilonUniversity of Southern Mississippi
Sigma Alpha EpsilonUniversity of Tennessee
Sigma Alpha EpsilonUniversity of Texas San Antonio
Sigma Alpha EpsilonUniversity of Washington
Sigma Alpha EpsilonUniversity of West Florida
Sigma Alpha EpsilonWashington State University
Sigma Alpha EpsilonWestern Kentucky University
Sigma Alpha EpsilonWichita State University
Sigma Alpha EpsilonWinthrop University
Sigma Alpha MuArizona State University
Sigma Alpha MuFlorida International University
Sigma Alpha MuIndiana University
Sigma Alpha MuLouisiana State University
Sigma Alpha MuTemple University
Sigma Alpha MuUniversity of Alabama
Sigma Alpha MuUniversity of Arizona
Sigma Alpha MuUniversity of Illinois at UC
Sigma Alpha MuUniversity of Nevada Las Vegas
Sigma Alpha MuUniversity of West Florida
Sigma Alpha MuWashington State University
Sigma Alpha NuUniversity of California Davis
Sigma Beta RhoStockton University
Sigma Beta RhoUniversity of Tennessee
Sigma ChiAuburn University
Sigma ChiCalifornia State Polytechnic University Pomona
Sigma ChiCentral Michigan University
Sigma ChiEast Tennessee State University
Sigma ChiEastern Illinois University
Sigma ChiEastern Kentucky University
Sigma ChiFlorida Atlantic University
Sigma ChiFlorida Southern College
Sigma ChiFort Hays State University
Sigma ChiFurman University
Sigma ChiGeorgia Southern University
Sigma ChiIllinois State University
Sigma ChiIndiana University
Sigma ChiIowa State University
Sigma ChiJacksonville University
Sigma ChiKansas State University
Sigma ChiKent State University
Sigma ChiLouisiana State University
Sigma ChiMarquette University
Sigma ChiMiddle Tennessee State University
Sigma ChiOklahoma State University
Sigma ChiOld Dominion University
Sigma ChiPittsburg State University
Sigma ChiSamford University
Sigma ChiSan Diego State University
Sigma ChiSouthern Utah University
Sigma ChiStephen F Austin University
Sigma ChiTarleton State University
Sigma ChiTexas State University
Sigma ChiTexas Tech University
Sigma ChiTroy University
Sigma ChiUniversity of California Merced
Sigma ChiUniversity of Central Florida
Sigma ChiUniversity of Cincinnati
Sigma ChiUniversity of Denver
Sigma ChiUniversity of Iowa
Sigma ChiUniversity of Kentucky
Sigma ChiUniversity of Minnesota
Sigma ChiUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
Sigma ChiUniversity of New Mexico
Sigma ChiUniversity of Oregon
Sigma ChiUniversity of Rhode Island
Sigma ChiUniversity of South Alabama
Sigma ChiUniversity of Southern Mississippi
Sigma ChiUniversity of Tennessee
Sigma ChiUniversity of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Sigma ChiUniversity of Texas
Sigma ChiUniversity of Texas San Antonio
Sigma ChiUniversity of Washington
Sigma ChiUniversity of West Florida
Sigma ChiUtah State University
Sigma ChiVirginia Commonwealth University
Sigma ChiWashington State University
Sigma ChiWestern Carolina University
Sigma ChiWestern Kentucky University
Sigma ChiWestern Michigan University
Sigma Chi RhoUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham
Sigma Delta AlphaUniversity of California Davis
Sigma Delta TauAmerican University
Sigma Delta TauEastern Michigan University
Sigma Delta TauFlorida Atlantic University
Sigma Delta TauFlorida State University
Sigma Delta TauIndiana University
Sigma Delta TauKent State University
Sigma Delta TauLong Island University Post
Sigma Delta TauManhattan College
Sigma Delta TauMichigan State University
Sigma Delta TauMontclair State University
Sigma Delta TauNova Southeastern University
Sigma Delta TauPace University
Sigma Delta TauPenn State University
Sigma Delta TauPurdue University
Sigma Delta TauQueens College
Sigma Delta TauRowan University
Sigma Delta TauRutgers University
Sigma Delta TauState University of New York at Geneseo
Sigma Delta TauStockton University
Sigma Delta TauThe George Washington University
Sigma Delta TauUniversity of Alabama
Sigma Delta TauUniversity of Hartford
Sigma Delta TauUniversity of Illinois at UC
Sigma Delta TauUniversity of Maryland College Park
Sigma Delta TauUniversity of Pittsburgh
Sigma Delta TauUniversity of Rhode Island
Sigma Delta TauUniversity of South Florida
Sigma Delta TauYork College of Pennsylvania
Sigma Iota AlphaUniversity of Illinois at UC
Sigma KappaArizona State University
Sigma KappaAuburn University
Sigma KappaCalifornia Polytechnic State
Sigma KappaCalifornia State University Chico
Sigma KappaCentral Michigan University
Sigma KappaClemson University
Sigma KappaDuquesne University
Sigma KappaEastern Michigan University
Sigma KappaFlorida Atlantic University
Sigma KappaFlorida International University
Sigma KappaIndiana State University
Sigma KappaJames Madison University
Sigma KappaKansas State University
Sigma KappaLouisiana Tech University
Sigma KappaMarietta College
Sigma KappaMarquette University
Sigma KappaMidwestern State University
Sigma KappaNorth Carolina State University
Sigma KappaNorthwest Missouri State University
Sigma KappaOhio University
Sigma KappaPenn State University
Sigma KappaSacramento State University
Sigma KappaTexas Christian University
Sigma KappaUC Riverside
Sigma KappaUniversity of Alabama
Sigma KappaUniversity of Central Arkansas
Sigma KappaUniversity of Central Missouri
Sigma KappaUniversity of Florida
Sigma KappaUniversity of Georgia
Sigma KappaUniversity of Kansas
Sigma KappaUniversity of Missouri
Sigma KappaUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte
Sigma KappaUniversity of Northern Colorado
Sigma KappaUniversity of Tennessee
Sigma KappaUniversity of West Georgia
Sigma KappaWashington State University
Sigma KappaWest Virginia University
Sigma KappaWestern Kentucky University
Sigma KappaWestern Michigan University
Sigma Lambda AlphaOklahoma State University
Sigma Lambda AlphaUniversity of Oklahoma
Sigma Lambda BetaColorado State University
Sigma Lambda BetaTexas State University
Sigma Lambda BetaTexas Tech University
Sigma Lambda BetaUniversity of Alabama
Sigma Lambda BetaUniversity of Florida
Sigma Lambda BetaUniversity of Oklahoma
Sigma Lambda BetaValdosta State University
Sigma Lambda GammaKansas State University
Sigma Lambda GammaTexas State University
Sigma Lambda GammaUniversity of Idaho
Sigma Lambda GammaUniversity of North Texas
Sigma NuAppalachian State University
Sigma NuBradley University
Sigma NuButler University
Sigma NuCalifornia State University Chico
Sigma NuCalifornia State University Fresno
Sigma NuCalifornia State University San Bernardino
Sigma NuCollege of Charleston
Sigma NuEastern Illinois University
Sigma NuEastern Kentucky University
Sigma NuEastern Washington University
Sigma NuFlorida Atlantic University
Sigma NuGeorgia Southern University
Sigma NuGeorgia State University
Sigma NuHigh Point University
Sigma NuJames Madison University
Sigma NuKennesaw State University
Sigma NuKentucky Wesleyan College
Sigma NuMissouri State University
Sigma NuMontana State University
Sigma NuPresbyterian College
Sigma NuPurdue University
Sigma NuRochester Institute of Technology
Sigma NuSan Jose State University
Sigma NuStephen F Austin University
Sigma NuTexas State University
Sigma NuTexas Tech University
Sigma NuUniversity of Alabama Huntsville
Sigma NuUniversity of Arizona
Sigma NuUniversity of California San Diego
Sigma NuUniversity of Illinois at UC
Sigma NuUniversity of Kentucky
Sigma NuUniversity of Louisiana at Lafayette
Sigma NuUniversity of Mississippi
Sigma NuUniversity of Montana
Sigma NuUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
Sigma NuUniversity of North Carolina Asheville
Sigma NuUniversity of North Dakota
Sigma NuUniversity of North Georgia
Sigma NuUniversity of North Texas
Sigma NuUniversity of Oklahoma
Sigma NuUniversity of Southern Mississippi
Sigma NuUniversity of Tennessee
Sigma NuUniversity of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Sigma NuUniversity of West Georgia
Sigma NuValdosta State University
Sigma NuWashington State University
Sigma NuWest Texas A&M University
Sigma NuWestern Kentucky University
Sigma Omega NuCalifornia Polytechnic State
Sigma Omega NuColorado State University
Sigma Phi DeltaSan Diego State University
Sigma Phi DeltaTexas Tech University
Sigma Phi DeltaUniversity of Missouri
Sigma Phi EpsilonAuburn University
Sigma Phi EpsilonCalifornia State University Fresno
Sigma Phi EpsilonCalifornia State University San Bernardino
Sigma Phi EpsilonCoastal Carolina University
Sigma Phi EpsilonColorado State University
Sigma Phi EpsilonEastern Illinois University
Sigma Phi EpsilonEastern Washington University
Sigma Phi EpsilonFlorida Atlantic University
Sigma Phi EpsilonFlorida Gulf Coast University
Sigma Phi EpsilonIndiana University
Sigma Phi EpsilonKansas State University
Sigma Phi EpsilonMississippi State University
Sigma Phi EpsilonMissouri State University
Sigma Phi EpsilonNorthwest Missouri State University
Sigma Phi EpsilonOhio University
Sigma Phi EpsilonOklahoma State University
Sigma Phi EpsilonPepperdine University
Sigma Phi EpsilonTennessee Tech University
Sigma Phi EpsilonTexas Tech University
Sigma Phi EpsilonUniversity of Alabama
Sigma Phi EpsilonUniversity of California Irvine
Sigma Phi EpsilonUniversity of California Riverside
Sigma Phi EpsilonUniversity of Central Arkansas
Sigma Phi EpsilonUniversity of Central Missouri
Sigma Phi EpsilonUniversity of Colorado
Sigma Phi EpsilonUniversity of Houston
Sigma Phi EpsilonUniversity of Iowa
Sigma Phi EpsilonUniversity of Kentucky
Sigma Phi EpsilonUniversity of Memphis
Sigma Phi EpsilonUniversity of Missouri
Sigma Phi EpsilonUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
Sigma Phi EpsilonUniversity of Nebraska Omaha
Sigma Phi EpsilonUniversity of New Hampshire
Sigma Phi EpsilonUniversity of North Carolina Greensboro
Sigma Phi EpsilonUniversity of North Texas
Sigma Phi EpsilonUniversity of Oregon
Sigma Phi EpsilonUniversity of South Carolina
Sigma Phi EpsilonUniversity of Tennessee
Sigma Phi EpsilonWest Carolina University
Sigma Phi EpsilonWestern Kentucky University
Sigma Phi EpsilonWichita State University
Sigma PiArkansas Tech University
Sigma PiCalifornia Polytechnic State
Sigma PiCentral Michigan University
Sigma PiClemson University
Sigma PiColorado State University
Sigma PiEast Carolina University
Sigma PiEastern Illinois University
Sigma PiEastern Kentucky University
Sigma PiFairleigh Dickinson University
Sigma PiIllinois State University
Sigma PiIndiana University
Sigma PiIndiana University of Pennsylvania
Sigma PiKansas State University
Sigma PiMissouri State University
Sigma PiMontclair State University
Sigma PiMorehead State University
Sigma PiMurray State University
Sigma PiNorthern Arizona University
Sigma PiOklahoma State University
Sigma PiSouthern Illinois University
Sigma PiSouthern Illinois University Edwardsville
Sigma PiStockton University
Sigma PiUniversity of Alabama
Sigma PiUniversity of Arkansas
Sigma PiUniversity of Central Missouri
Sigma PiUniversity of Detroit Mercy
Sigma PiUniversity of Iowa
Sigma PiUniversity of Kansas
Sigma PiUniversity of Kentucky
Sigma PiUniversity of Mississippi
Sigma PiUniversity of Missouri
Sigma PiUniversity of Southern Indiana
Sigma PiUniversity of Texas San Antonio
Sigma PiWashington State University
Sigma PiWayne State University
Sigma Sigma SigmaBloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Sigma Sigma SigmaBryant University
Sigma Sigma SigmaCentral Michigan University
Sigma Sigma SigmaEastern Illinois University
Sigma Sigma SigmaIndiana University of Pennsylvania
Sigma Sigma SigmaLynchburg College
Sigma Sigma SigmaMarshall University
Sigma Sigma SigmaMissouri State University
Sigma Sigma SigmaNorthern Illinois University
Sigma Sigma SigmaPittsburg State University
Sigma Sigma SigmaShepherd University
Sigma Sigma SigmaSlippery Rock University
Sigma Sigma SigmaSoutheast Missouri State University
Sigma Sigma SigmaSoutheastern Louisiana University
Sigma Sigma SigmaTruman State University
Sigma Sigma SigmaUniversity of Central Arkansas
Sigma Sigma SigmaUniversity of Central Oklahoma
Sigma Sigma SigmaUniversity of Michigan-Flint
Sigma Sigma SigmaUniversity of Missouri
Sigma Sigma SigmaWestern Illinois University
Sigma Tau GammaAuburn University
Sigma Tau GammaCentral Michigan University
Sigma Tau GammaColorado State University
Sigma Tau GammaEast Carolina University
Sigma Tau GammaKansas State University
Sigma Tau GammaNortheastern State University
Sigma Tau GammaNorthwest Missouri State University
Sigma Tau GammaPittsburg State University
Sigma Tau GammaPurdue University
Sigma Tau GammaSoutheastern Louisiana University
Sigma Tau GammaStephen F Austin University
Sigma Tau GammaTexas state university
Sigma Tau GammaTexas Tech University
Sigma Tau GammaUniversity of Alabama
Sigma Tau GammaUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham
Sigma Tau GammaUniversity of Arizona
Sigma Tau GammaUniversity of Central Missouri
Sigma Tau GammaUniversity of Central Oklahoma
Sigma Tau GammaUniversity of Massachusetts Lowell
Sigma Tau GammaUniversity of Missouri
Sigma Tau GammaUniversity of Nebraska at Kearney
Sigma Tau GammaUniversity of Southern Indiana
Sigma Tau GammaUniversity of Wisconsin Whitewater
Sigma Tau GammaWestern Michigan University
Society of Women EngineersCentral New Mexico
STAC Field Hockey St Thomas Aquanis College
StarsTarleton State University
Student Activities BoardUniversity of Kentucky
Tau Delta PhiJacksonville State University
Tau Delta PhiNew Jersey Institute of Technology
Tau Delta PhiStockton University
Tau Epsilon PhiIndiana University
Tau Kappa EpsilonAuburn University
Tau Kappa EpsilonCentral Michigan University
Tau Kappa EpsilonCleveland State University
Tau Kappa EpsilonEastern Michigan University
Tau Kappa EpsilonFlorida State University
Tau Kappa EpsilonGeorgia Southern University
Tau Kappa EpsilonIndiana University
Tau Kappa EpsilonJames Madison University
Tau Kappa EpsilonKennesaw State University
Tau Kappa EpsilonLouisiana Tech University
Tau Kappa EpsilonMillikin University
Tau Kappa EpsilonNorth Carolina State University
Tau Kappa EpsilonNortheastern State University
Tau Kappa EpsilonNorthern Illinois University
Tau Kappa EpsilonNorthern Michigan University
Tau Kappa EpsilonOklahoma State University
Tau Kappa EpsilonOregon State University
Tau Kappa EpsilonRider University
Tau Kappa EpsilonRochester Institute of Technology
Tau Kappa EpsilonSonoma State University
Tau Kappa EpsilonSoutheast Missouri State University
Tau Kappa EpsilonSouthern Illinois University
Tau Kappa EpsilonSt Leo University
Tau Kappa EpsilonStephen F Austin University
Tau Kappa EpsilonTexas Tech University
Tau Kappa EpsilonTroy University
Tau Kappa EpsilonUniversity of Akron
Tau Kappa EpsilonUniversity of Alabama
Tau Kappa EpsilonUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham
Tau Kappa EpsilonUniversity of Central Missouri
Tau Kappa EpsilonUniversity of Central Oklahoma
Tau Kappa EpsilonUniversity of Colorado
Tau Kappa EpsilonUniversity of Houston
Tau Kappa EpsilonUniversity of Iowa
Tau Kappa EpsilonUniversity of Kentucky
Tau Kappa EpsilonUniversity of Louisville
Tau Kappa EpsilonUniversity of Minnesota
Tau Kappa EpsilonUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
Tau Kappa EpsilonUniversity of North Carolina Wilmington
Tau Kappa EpsilonUniversity of Southern Indiana
Tau Kappa EpsilonUniversity of West Florida
Tau Kappa EpsilonUniversity of West Georgia
Tau Kappa EpsilonValdosta State University
Tau Kappa EpsilonWashington State University
Tau Sigma PhiBrock University
TESPAuburn University
Theta ChiAppalachian State University
Theta ChiAuburn University
Theta ChiBowling Green State University
Theta ChiCalifornia State University Stanislaus
Theta ChiClemson University
Theta ChiColorado State University
Theta ChiGrand Valley State
Theta ChiHamline University
Theta ChiIndiana University
Theta ChiIndiana University of Pennsylvania
Theta ChiIowa State University
Theta ChiKennesaw State University
Theta ChiLouisiana State University
Theta ChiMissouri State University
Theta ChiMorehead State University
Theta ChiNew Jersey Institute of Technology
Theta ChiNorth Carolina State University
Theta ChiNorth Dakota State University
Theta ChiNorthern Arizona University
Theta ChiOakland University
Theta ChiOhio University
Theta ChiPenn State University
Theta ChiRider University
Theta ChiRutgers University
Theta ChiSan Diego State University
Theta ChiSlippery Rock University
Theta ChiStephen F Austin University
Theta ChiTexas State University
Theta ChiTexas Tech University
Theta ChiUniversity of Alabama
Theta ChiUniversity of Arkansas
Theta ChiUniversity of Central Missouri
Theta ChiUniversity of Kansas
Theta ChiUniversity of Maine
Theta ChiUniversity of Maryland College Park
Theta ChiUniversity of Minnesota
Theta ChiUniversity of Nevada Reno
Theta ChiUniversity of Washington
Theta ChiUniversity of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Theta Delta ChiIowa State University
Theta Delta ChiJohnson & Wales University
Theta Delta ChiUniversity of Arizona
Theta Delta ChiUniversity of North Carolina Greensboro
Theta Delta ChiUniversity of South Carolina
Theta Nu XiOklahoma State University
Theta Phi AlphaAshland University
Theta Phi AlphaFlorida Atlantic University
Theta Phi AlphaIndiana University
Theta Phi AlphaIndiana University of Pennsylvania
Theta Phi AlphaLoyola University New Orleans
Theta Phi AlphaLynn University
Theta Phi AlphaMissouri Valley College
Theta Phi AlphaRowan University
Theta Phi AlphaSacred Heart University
Theta Phi AlphaSt Leo University
Theta Phi AlphaUniversity of Michigan-Flint
Theta Phi AlphaUniversity of Pittsburgh
Theta Phi AlphaWayne State College
Theta Phi AlphaWright State University
Theta TauCalifornia State University Fullerton
Theta TauUniversity of Alabama
Theta XiAuburn University
Theta XiFlorida Institute of Technology
Theta XiGeorgia Southern University
Theta XiKennesaw State University
Theta XiMissouri University of Science and Technology
Theta XiPurdue University
Theta XiSoutheast Missouri State University
Theta XiUniversity of Alabama
Theta XiUniversity of Arizona
Theta XiUniversity of Rhode Island
Theta XiWashington State University
Theta XiWestern Illinois University
Toccoa Falls CollegeToccoa Falls College
Traditions CouncilMissouri State University
Triangle FraternityFlorida Atlantic University
Triangle FraternityPurdue University
Triangle FraternityUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
TSU PlowboysTarleton State University
UA Early CollegeUniversity of Alabama
UA NROTCUniversity of Arizona
UCCS Dance TeamUniversity of Colorado Colorado Springs
UCM IFCUniversity of Central Missouri
UKSGAUniversity of Kentucky
UNAUniversity of North Alabama
Undergraduate EducationIndiana University Purdue University
Urban Male InitiativeFlorida Atlantic University
USU Eastern AthleticsUtah State University Eastern
VolleyballSouthern Illinois University
Whitworth University SoftballWhitworth University
Willard SororityNebraska Wesleyan University
Womens LacrosseAquinas College
Womens SoftballKeystone College
Xi Omicron IotaMissouri State University
Zeta Beta TauAmerican University
Zeta Beta TauCalifornia Polytechnic State
Zeta Beta TauCalifornia State University Northridge
Zeta Beta TauFlorida International University
Zeta Beta TauFlorida State University
Zeta Beta TauIndiana University
Zeta Beta TauPurdue University
Zeta Beta TauSan Diego State University
Zeta Beta TauState University of New York at Oswego
Zeta Beta TauTowson University
Zeta Beta TauUniversity of Alabama
Zeta Beta TauUniversity of Albany
Zeta Beta TauUniversity of Arizona
Zeta Beta TauUniversity of Denver
Zeta Beta TauUniversity of Kansas
Zeta Beta TauUniversity of Missouri
Zeta Beta TauUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte
Zeta Beta TauUniversity of Rhode Island
Zeta Beta TauUniversity of Washington
Zeta Phi BetaCoe College
Zeta Phi BetaEastern Illinois University
Zeta Phi BetaGeorgia Southern University
Zeta Phi BetaIndiana State University
Zeta Phi BetaJohnson and Wales University Charlotte
Zeta Phi BetaKent State University
Zeta Phi BetaTexas Tech University
Zeta Phi BetaUniversity of West Florida
Zeta PsiUniversity of Arizona
Zeta PsiUniversity of Nevada Reno
Zeta Tau AlphaArkansas Tech University
Zeta Tau AlphaAuburn University
Zeta Tau AlphaBethany College
Zeta Tau AlphaCalifornia State University Fullerton
Zeta Tau AlphaCalifornia State University San Bernardino
Zeta Tau AlphaCentral Michigan University
Zeta Tau AlphaClemson University
Zeta Tau AlphaCollege of Charleston
Zeta Tau AlphaFerris State University
Zeta Tau AlphaFurman University
Zeta Tau AlphaGeorgia Southern University
Zeta Tau AlphaHigh Point University
Zeta Tau AlphaIndiana State University
Zeta Tau AlphaIndiana University of Pennsylvania
Zeta Tau AlphaJacksonville State University
Zeta Tau AlphaJames Madison University
Zeta Tau AlphaLander University
Zeta Tau AlphaLenoir Rhyne University
Zeta Tau AlphaLouisiana State University
Zeta Tau AlphaMichigan State University
Zeta Tau AlphaMississippi State University
Zeta Tau AlphaOklahoma State University
Zeta Tau AlphaPurdue University
Zeta Tau AlphaRochester Institute of Technology
Zeta Tau AlphaSam Houston State University
Zeta Tau AlphaSamford University
Zeta Tau AlphaSeton Hall University
Zeta Tau AlphaSt Louis University
Zeta Tau AlphaStetson University
Zeta Tau AlphaStockton University
Zeta Tau AlphaTexas A&M University
Zeta Tau AlphaTexas A&M University Corpus Christi
Zeta Tau AlphaTexas State University
Zeta Tau AlphaTexas Tech University
Zeta Tau AlphaUniversity of Alabama
Zeta Tau AlphaUniversity of Arkansas
Zeta Tau AlphaUniversity of Florida
Zeta Tau AlphaUniversity of Houston
Zeta Tau AlphaUniversity of Louisville
Zeta Tau AlphaUniversity of Missouri
Zeta Tau AlphaUniversity of Missouri St Louis
Zeta Tau AlphaUniversity of Nebraska Omaha
Zeta Tau AlphaUniversity of North Alabama
Zeta Tau AlphaUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte
Zeta Tau AlphaUniversity of Rhode Island
Zeta Tau AlphaUniversity of South Carolina
Zeta Tau AlphaUniversity of Tennessee
Zeta Tau AlphaUniversity of Texas San Antonio
Zeta Tau AlphaUniversity of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Zeta Tau AlphaUSC Aiken
Zeta Tau AlphaValdosta State University
Zeta Tau AlphaWest Texas A&M University

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